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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Blogging For Beaders - Paris Style Necklace (SOLD)

I purchased the wonderful Eiffel tower image from etsy, the found element of a vintage tassel was found at a local antique shop and the focal element used here is a vintage new stock optical lens with a large vintage coat button for durability backing it.

I have been fortunate to be asked to be a member of a beading community that tests products and reviews them for a couple of bead supply companies. In this necklace I have many vintage elements incorporated in its design, but have chosen to use this wonderful piece above as well in my design even though it is a new finding. The metal patina that was used in its design gives the feel of vintage as well as the choice of images used in its creation, allows me to put this element with mostly vintage pieces and it works.
This wonderful lead free pewter piece is available through Aunties Beads. The Paris Eiffel tower image sheet as well as this pewter piece can be found on this page of their extensive site HERE
as well as many other wonderful products available through their Glue-In and Glaze Components section. I really loved working with this double loop Patera raised pendant and love the fact that it is two sided. This will be shown later in the post.

This is one of the images that is available on Aunties Beads Paris collage sheet which are already created in the shapes of the Patera frames that are for sale on this same page. Love the ease of this.

Here you can see the Patera lead free frame which has the image attached and now it has been filled in with a glaze product. The glaze product shown on this page of Auntie Bead products will work for this process. Image above is while still wet.

Front side
Now, to add this wonderful Patera pendant into the mix of my vintage elements. The chain links are vintage and are sterling silver. I've used black wire to wire wrap many of the elements together, added a sterling silver antique crucifix, vintage faux glass Japanese pearls, vintage rhinestone roundels, etc.

Back side

I continued the Paris theme on the back sides of the #8 metal tag as well as the Patera double sided pendant. The Paris images on the back are from an etsy purchase of an artisan that creates these images to sell and use in ones designs.

The vintage rhinestone flower lived its former life as a scatter pin, but now is showcased in this new Paris themed necklace. I adore working with numbers in my designs. Don't you love numbers too?

Great rhinestone former scatter pin.

Not sure of the origin of these numbers I've accumulated. However, if I were to guess I'd maybe say locker tags. Love them none-the-less. Wouldn't it be cool if you were from Aurora, Illinois and the proud owner of this piece?

Focal is an Eiffel tower image from etsy.

How cool are these faceted vintage AB crystals, and what a fun tassel to top the whole design off with.

More sterling silver links and than a hand created clasp.

I made this fun piece for the Junk Bonanza event in September, but the first person that saw it, fell in love with it and bought it from my stash right on the spot. Creating and selling is the name of the game, so gotta sell when the buyer is willing. Thanks for following along with me on this design on my blog and bye for now, I need to go create another unique, one-of-a-kind, fun design to replace this one.

This is a very detailed and time consuming piece, so I usually am not able to have too many of these in my stash. They sell quickly, and I don't recreate the same piece over again. Each design has to be unique and special on their own.

Thanks Aunties Beads for supplying me with some great products to mix in with my vintage redesigns.



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  2. Thanks Andrea, this is all from one necklace, but unfortunately its length didn't allow a good photo.

  3. Hi Gretchen,
    This piece is absolutely gorgeous...thanks so much for the info about that book. I will look for it!!


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