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Monday, July 25, 2011

Jewelry for the September Shows in Minnesota

Anybody wondering where I've been?  Busy, busy, busy.  I'm preparing for two very large events coming up soon, a very large wedding, coming up soon, and have been remodeling portions of our home, including a new studio/office for my business.  (more on that at a later posting).

I hope some of you are planning to attend my upcoming two shows I will be a vendor at.  They are both in September, back to back.  I am frantically working to have enough items to keep everyone happy with, and will continue to do so until the moment the shows begin.  I like to keep my customers happy!

Sept. 7, 8, 9 & 10
Otten Bros. Nursery
Long Lake, MN
For more info:

Sept. 15, 16 & 17
Canterbury Park location
Shakopee, MN
For more info:

Necklace 1 is oh, so cool when worn.  Definitely a statement piece and can easily be layered.  It's creation of the focal was a multi part process with several techniques being used in its design.  I love the gorgeous hand carved wooden pieces that one of my favorite pickers unearthed for me.  The gorgeous focal surround was purchased several years ago and has wonderful patina to it.  The tassel on this piece is stunning and was a found element just last week in a new treasure trove location that I was referred to.  Love these unique elements that truly make the pieces come together.  Overall this piece was culled from 5 separate resources.

Necklace 2 - I am struggling to sell.  Yes, it is one I'd love to keep, but need to sell whatever I can get made up between now and the events.  This fabulous chunky stain piece is so elegant, but yet also perfect with an open shirt and jeans styling as well.  Love the mother of pearl treasures I've included in this piece.  This one just speaks to me.  One of my more upscale pieces, she is a real keeper.  The St. Chirstopher Protection Medal is unique and mimics with its circle of pearls the circle of pearls on the toggle closure of the chain.  One lucky lady will get to buy this piece.  p.s.  Maybe, she'll let me borrow it?  :)

Necklace 3 is a signature design with a bling design on its reverse.  I am well known for using vintage enameled pocket watch faces and than the addition of the flying sparrow on them.  It is recognized as a Mimi-Toria's Design when worn.  This one, however, has the addition of the reverse side with lots of bling and a fun totally different look to it.  Love it when I can create pieces that give my customers Bang for their Bucks with it being worn multiple ways, and/or layered.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Winner of Shabby Apple Dress is:

So here is what happened with the Random Number Generator.  
#13 is the lucky winner of the wonderful
Shabby Apple dress giveaway.

Rae has chosen the Da Vinci dress
as her favorite.
Contact me, Rae, and I'll get you the information
to get this dress sent your way.

Rae happens to be a sweet lady
 whom I stumbled upon her blog last week-end.
She was referred to in a blog I was already a follower of,
and so I had checked out her blog while at the cabin.
She in turn checked out mine and entered the contest and won!

She also loves heart shaped rocks, shells and other found elements like I do,
and Jami of Freckled Laundry had done a post about her 
which I totally connected with.

Anyways, I consider 
(the winner chosen by random.org)
 a new friend, 
through the wonderful world of blogging.
Check out Rae's blog here.

Some interesting tidbits:
8 chose Azure Coast as their fav
4 chose Da Vinci as their fav
1 chose the gorgeous Moon River as her fav.

There were 37 actual comments either left on my blog,
or personally emailed to me when they had trouble with blogger
not letting them post their comments.
Thank you everyone for participating and leaving a comment.

For anyone feeling bad about not winning,
I have a surprise for you too.
No, not another free dress,
Shabby Apple
is offering a new fabulous offer.

Beginning July 1st they are having a Summer Sale.
Coupon code for check out is:

20% OFF their entire site,
with the exclusion of Amalfi Coast Swim Wear.

The Sale Runs the Entire Month of July!

So now is the time to go nab that favorite item
you've been dying to buy.
Shop Shabby Apple now.
Just click on the links to check them out.

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