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Welcome to Mimi-Toria's Designs Jewelry web page.  If you find something that you'd like to purchase, please email me at gretchen.schaumann@comcast.net and I will get back to you.  Once you've agreed to purchase a certain item, I will invoice you. 

You have two options to pay, with a check or paypal.   If you pay by check I will email you the invoice information, and you can then send me a check.  I will send out the item(s) once I've received payment from you.  I charge a $3.00 fee per item for shipping, handling and packaging.  Multiple items may reduce the shipping costs.  

Thanks for taking a look.


I am currently stock piling for my largest local show of the year, Junk Bonanza.  It will be held, September 26, 27 & 28 at Canterbury Park, in Shakopee, MN.  My vendor booth space is #208.  I will have a great assortment of offerings at this local Minnesota show, if you can make it there.  
I will try to list new items going into the Fall either here, or with a link to my Etsy page for your Holiday needs.  Thank you for your patience!  I also often share a lot of jewelry design photos that can usually be purchased on my personal and business Facebook pages.


I apologize, but currently all of the below items are SOLD.  I am gearing up for a large 3 day event, and do not have extra jewelry to sell on my blog at this time, other than what is listed above.  Thank you for your patience.


739 Brass Focal Necklace
17" necklace with #739 brass stencil focal.  The oval focal 1" wide by 1 1/4" long and dripping down from this focal is an Eiffel tower charm, mother of pearl round disk, a freshwater white pearl, 2 silvetoned discs as well as a vintage bullet shaped AB Swarovski crystal bead.

#740 Brass Focal Necklace
A 20" necklace with #740 brass stencil focal.  The oval focal 1" wide by 1 1/4" long and dripping down from this focal is a vintage crucifix w/a religious charm, and a very cool white wire-wrapped heart bead with vintage crystal dangling from stencil.

Hopkins, MN Dog Tag Necklace

A 24" silver toned chain with a Hopkins, MN 1967 dog tag medal along with a blue Scottie dog, key charm and bullet casing.  Tied with French stamped ribbon.

Bethlehem Steel Co. Tag

29" mix of antiqued gold and silver chain links with a Bethlehem Steel Co. BT 100 from Sparrows Pt round vintage tag.    Included are 3 key dangle charms and a vintage rhinestone bling charm.

Gorgeous Gold Floral Focal

Pictures definitely do not do this piece justice.  It is a gorgeous heavy relief carved oval piece of lovliness.  A generous 3 1/2" x 2" focal with a lovely vintage crystal wire wrapped bling added as the connection to the 20" chunky goldtone chain.

Fabricon Weaver Necklace

29" Chunky vintage chain connects with a unique large antiqued goldtone huge jump ring a vintage thimble along with a shield style "OFFICIAL Fabricon Weaver" medal in two tone metals and is dangling with a mix of gold and silver chains to create a tassel effect.  Great for the quilter, sewer and/or collector of vintage sewing elements.

Blue Enameled Leaf Necklace

A 19" gold rope style chain is attached to a vintage heavy brass focal which a blue enameled leaf is attached to, along with wire wrapped dangles that are gorgeous shades of browns, golds and rusts.  All vintage elements dangling are hand wire wrapped.  A very unique one of a kind necklace.

Dk Teal/Swirled Stone/Western Themed Necklace

A 24" gold chunky ornate chain includes an asymetrical design which has a token in brass color with a 2940 Lyndale So./Lyn Lake 5 cent In Trade token, a gold/Mother of Pearl button rhinestone bling and a gold crest dangling off one side of its chain.  The focal is sizable at 1 3/4" x 1 1/2" gorgeous stone rectangle teal/browns swirling with a vintage round patinaed token, a saddle charm in silvertone and a mix of silver/gold charm dangles.  Very cool piece.

Family Prism Necklace (2 Sisters)
In a Shop

26" black handcut French rosary beads connected to a Jesus figural which then attached to a gorgeous hand created "Family" themed vintage prism which has a picture of two sisters with the word definition of "Family" attached as well.  This piece is stunning and the photos do not capture its beauty.  The prism is vintage and very large, measuring a generous 2 3/4" x 1 1/2" in size.

Dark Teal Stone Necklace/Western Themed

A 19 1/2" antiqued gold chain which then falls into a bib style necklace with layers and layers of varying tones of chain. From this bib portion the focal falls down from it and is quite sizable at 1 3/4" x 1 1/2".  This gorgeous stone rectangle teal/browns swirling with a vintage round patinaed token, a cowboy had charm in silvertone and a mix of vintage crystal wire wrapped charm dangles.  Very cool piece.

Gardeners Delite Branch Necklace

A real conversation piece...are you a gardener?  Than this is the necklace for you.  A 22" gold tone chain which has a double thickness of chain making up its upper portion and than gorgeous vintage brass links the lower portion.  It is attached to a resin treated branch from the garden in which a gorgeous baroque vintage pearl and Round patinaed metal disk stamped 66 is attached along with charm vintage cluster of flowers and a flying sparrow.  In the chain portion connecting each section are unique and beautiful flower accents, with vintage gold rayon ribbon and a goldtone watering can. Truly a remarkable piece.

Blue Handle Garden Necklace

32" chunky ball chain which can easily be snipped to be made shorter if desired.  Attached is a blue faucet handle, rhinestone gorgeous set in bling, with a vintage watering can, and two redesigned pieces of silverware to make up a pot of flowers on the right and  a bird on the left.  All fitting for the gardener at heart.  Another fun, funky and for sure a conversation piece jewelry design.

Red Handle Tractor Necklace

A 20" chunky silvertone chain along with a red faucet handle, with vintage red and rhinestone bling, a jet wire wrapped vintage glass bead and a tiny red and black tractor make up this fun and funky necklace.

Steampunk Necklace
7 Jewels Rhinestone

20" chunky antiqued silver chain with a Steampunk Style focal.  1 3/4" Focal features a vintage button base with a rhinestone border, vintage Elgin 7 jewel pocket watch insides, a lovely rhinestone pink and clear bling piece and 7 jewel accents.  Truly beautiful in person.

White Enamel Watch w/Bird Necklace

22" goldtone chain with a wonderful 1 1/2" Vintage enamel New York Standard Watch Co. U.S.A. pocket watch face and goldtone sparrow flying.  Simple, but lovely.

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