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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Vintage Redesign - "Autumn in Paris"

This necklace has a lot of details in it. I started with what appears to be a vintage black Bakelite carved buckle, layered with a mother of pearl buckle and layered once more with this wonderful vintage jewelry element. It will be offered for sale at the Junk Bonanza event next week September 17-19th in my vendor booth. I will be in the Tent Section G.

Notice the fabulous vintage brass "PARIS" connector that attaches the focal portion of this necklace to the chain portion. The Fleur d leis adds to the French feel of this design.

Details of the vintage French connector.

Each side of the necklace is asymmetrical and filled with an array of wonderful vintage found elements as well as vintage pieces of cast off jewelry. I've mixed silver, brass and gold, so that this necklace combines it all.

Silver setting with black onyx and vintage pearl are inset into this ornate piece,
and dangles with brass chain links.

I love this vintage token. This particular one has the
most wonderful vintage patina and is two sided.

Indianapolis Railways token.

Lovely vintage religious medal charm, faux vintage grey baroque pearls with vintage rhinestone roundels and crystals, as well as vintage grey chandelier hexagon element.

Vintage silver pin is recreated into the chain portion of this
necklace as is this wonderful detailed vintage brass button.

More details of the chain portion.

Close-up of the religious medal charm.

The detail on this brass piece is incredible.

This is the top portion of the chain on the necklace.

The middle section of the necklace.


  1. Gorgeous new ceations!! I shared your work with some of my friends today and passed your blog along to them!! Tootles, Janna

  2. Gretchen, beautiful. You are the "queen" at jewelry making for sure! That's why I seem to own so much of your jewelry. Awesome!



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