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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Jewelry for Sale Holiday 2010 (13-21)

Key to Dreams Necklace
$49.00  SOLD
 Another Steam Punk style inspired necklace this Dream piece has a charcoal black shiny chunky chain measuring 20" with the focal and vintage rock crystal glass bead adding an additional 2 3/4" to it's total length.  The focal is 1 1/2" diameter and features a vintage pocket watch mechanism, Dream stamping, vintage mother of pearl flower, vintage rhinestone bling, vintage womens wrist watch grunge watch face dial, a single ruby gemstone set into mechanism, and a new fleur d leis and key element.  Accented with vintage brown ribbon and teal silk tied onto piece.

Artistry Optical Lense Necklace
$49.00  SOLD
This Artistry piece is perfect for that artist wife, artist friend, or you the artist.  It is created with antiqued silver tone linked chain of a 17" length, where it then attaches to an antique silver tone hand that is wrapped with gold and silver tone wire and grasps ahold of a vintage optical lense (1 1/2" diameter) which has vintage definition punched out in the shape of a bird that reads "artistry".  A one-of-a-kind design.
Queen Optical Lense Necklace
$49.00  SOLD
This Queen piece is created with antiqued copper tone linked chain of a 20" length, where it then attaches to a vintage rock crystal glass bead/vintage rhinestone roundel and a faux palest pink glass pearl which then connects to the vintage optical lense (1 1/2" diameter) which has the word Queen punched out in the shape of a bird.   A one-of-a-kind design.

Photograph Novelty Necklace
The "Photograph Novelty" necklace is really a cool piece.  It is created with vintage silver fancy chain of 16" with a front toggle clasp.  It attaches to this wonderful 3" x 1" vintage glass prism which I've attached vintage advertising to the back of it, so that it shows through.  Total length is 20", as there is a 1" drop from the toggle to the prism.  A gorgeous piece in person...perfect for the Photography lover in your life.

Gorgeous Bling Necklace
This necklace has its given name, as it so perfectly describes it.  I personally love this piece and would keep it, but I do need to reign in my personal collections at times.  My loss is your gain!
It is a generous 18" of silver tone chunky chain combined with a portion of antiqued copper tone chain near the focal to break it up a bit and add some color.  The palest of pink silk ribbon is tied to the joining point of the chain to the focal, which is a generous 2 1/4" length x 1 1/4" width vintage paste rhinestone piece.  Again there is patinae and some stones missing from this piece which only adds to the authenticity of the vintage redesign style.

Antiqued Gold Bling Necklace
A chunky antiqued gold tone chain of 18" attaches to a vintage antiqued gold tone rhinestone cluster of flowers which measures 3 1/2" x 1", and a piece of palest blue silk ribbon accents the connecting point on this piece.

No.  0422 Necklace
$69.00  SOLD
This necklace is a very cool piece.  It is 21" length of antiqued silver tone linked chain on one aide and part of the other side and than the rest of that side consists of a mix of 5 really cool elements of vintage and new.  The focal is a 2" vintage silver tone pocket watch case and a white enamel vintage pocket watch clock with a vintage paste rhinestone heart shaped button attached to the center of the watch face.

Shades of Blue Necklace
$89.00  SOLD
The "Shades of Blue" necklace is filled with special elements and fun finds.  It has an overall length of 33 1/2" of length.  The 31" silver tone chain is a unique vintage style chain which I've used a portion of it for the chain along with the addition of a lot of vintage elements.  Some of these include mother of pearl vintage buttons, vintage key, vintage glass blue/gold button, lots of vintage glass and/or crystal beads, a gorgeous rhinestone set vintage street car element as well as a vintage AB rhinestone star shaped piece.  Many elements are hand wire-wrapped with my signature black wire.  This then connects to a vintage round pale blue rhinestone attachment measuring 1" diameter.   This vintage rhinestone blue bling connects the focal (1 1/2" diameter) which is a  vintage pocket watch mechanism that has these cool stripes on it.  I've attached a vintage mother of pearl daisy style flower into one of the round recesses, and also added a gorgeous vintage paste rhinestone and royal blue acorn piece along with a crown element.  The colors in this piece are beautiful shades of blues.

Thanks again for looking!

Jewelry for Sale Holiday 2010 (1-12)

I've been meaning to get these up for a bit now, so thank-you for your patience.  If you are interested in any of these items, you can contact me by email at gretchen.schaumann@comcast.net .  Please use
the item # for referencing and a description to be sure we're on the same item. 

There is a $3.00 fee per item which includes the shipping/handling/jewelry box/postage for each piece ordered.  I will discount shipping on bulk orders when applicable.  Thanks for looking!

The Queen Reigns
The queen reigns is a one-of-a-kind design using some Steampunk inspired elements.  I have used the inner mechanisms of a vintage pocket watch, a vintage button, vintage rhinestone bling; crown, vintage brass stamping and a beautifully detailed antiqued gold sparrow (a Mimi-Toria's trademark) layered on the mechanism.  The focal measures 2" diameter and is suspended from a 32" vintage goldtone chain.
Wish Necklace
$42.00  SOLD
The Wish Necklace has a 17" gold tone chain which is attached to a 1 1/2" diameter focal, which is a vintage gold tone pocket watch mechanism with a ladies wrist watch silver tone mechanism layered on it are 3 genuine rubies set into it. There is also a beautifully detailed sparrow, crown and vintage filigree button, along with the "WISH" tag and vintage rhinestone crystals.

Gold Tone Locket Necklace
This gold tone locket has a 19" vintage ornate chain in which it extends down from.  The gold tone locket is vintage and has gorgeous raised relief of roses and leaves on it.  Attached to it is a vintage paste leaf rhinestone piece, which has authenticity with a few missing rhinestones in it.  I love this part about it, as it totally looks as though its always been vs. redesigned.  It is topped of with the palest of pink silk ribbons.  This necklace is one of my personal favorites.

Time for a Coke Necklace
A fun necklace...This one has a 30" chain portion which is asymmetrical.  Up one side it is a vintage silver tone twisted chain and the other side is a vintage faux baroque glass pearl and crystal combination.  Attached to this is the 1 3/4" diameter focal, which is connected to the chain portion by a really unique faux paste rhinestone element I've used as a connector.  The focal is a silver tone vintage pocket watch mechanism, two ladies watch face dials, a vintage mother of pearl hand carved mother of pearl with a vintage rhinestone center.  Off to the side is a very detailed COKE bottle.  An additional cool feature is the 5 rubies original to the jeweled pocket watch mechanism.

Oceans Dream Necklace
This is another necklace I really love how it turned out.  All of the details remind me of the beach and ocean, which I personally love.  I started with a chunky antiqued silver tone chain which I connected to a portion of antiqued brass linked chain.  This 22" chain portion attaches to the 2" diameter focal.  The focal is an  antiqued gold tone pocket watch mechanism with a grand array of layering on it.  I included a vintage sterling silver leaf which has a layered antiqued gold tone sparrow, "dream" logo, a genuine piece of coral, freshwater pearls, topaz gemstone and a tiny shell I picked while strolling the beach at Ft. Myers Beach, Florida.  Dangling from this focal is a vintage filigree antiqued ball.

Simba Necklace
This necklace has a 19" chain which is made up of antiqued brass tone chunky chain and a lighter weight antiqued copper chain closest to the focal.  Accented with a brown vintage ribbon a 1 1/2" diameter focal created with the coolest vintage striped button base, layered with a gold tone vintage pocket  watch mechanism  layered with an intricate Lion in a bronze tone and a vintage women's wrist watch dial.  A very cool piece, and so one-of-a-kind!

Art Deco Blue Necklace
This piece is stunning in person...The 18"  silver tone linked chain with gorgeous vintage opalescent blue glass beads and grey beads then attach to a fabulous vintage Art Deco paste style rhinestone piece and a palest of blue silk ribbon is tied off to the one side.  Lovely!

Lush Gold Necklace
$42.00  SOLD
This 18" gold tone chain is a perfect marriage with this focal.  The gold tone vintage 1 1/2" pocket watch mechanism base on this focal has been layered with an array of cool vintage rhinestone bling.  Multiple shades of topaz and browns give this piece a perfect amount of detail, along with the fabulous gold tone detailing of the flying sparrow.

Plum Necklace
Very unique focal consists of a plum toned vintage button, which has been layered with an Elgin Nat'l Watch Co. pocket watch mechanism.  This 7 jeweled mechanism has beautiful detailing on its silver tone metal and has a 7 jewels engraving on it.  Thus, I've added 7 vintage rhinestones to represent 7 jewels and also have a vintage pink and clear paste rhinestone cluster piece attached to this mechanism.  The focal measures 1 3/4" and is attached to an antiqued silver tone chunky 18" chain.

Pearls of Wisdom
$45.00  SOLD
The Pearls of Wisdom necklace is a double strand of vintage linked faux glass pearls which are 17" (inside strand) and 19" (outside strand) which is then attached to a gorgeous vintage V shaped connector element which then connects to its focal.  The focal is 1 1/2" in diameter and is a vintage New York Standard Watch Co. pocket watch mechanism in silver tone which has a gold tone sparrow attached to it.  The simplicity of this piece is striking with the pearls and its unique connector.

Asymmetrical Layers Necklace
$44.00  SOLD
This piece is much cooler in person, as it didn't photograph well.  There are layers of gold tone chains in an assortment of chain styles and lengths which make up this fun piece.  Casual, but yet elegant it's one of those necklaces you can layer with others time and time again.  Did I say time?  The vintage gold tone pocket watch mechanism is attached on the side, thus making this piece an asymmetrical design, and has been layered with a silver tone watch face and a gold tone detailed sparrow flying on it.  The focal is 1 1/2" in diameter, and the chain portion measures 26" at the shortest layer and varies up to 37" in length for the longest layer.  A lovely one-of-a-kind design, for sure.

Create Necklace
$69.00  SOLD

This "Create" necklace is a silver tone two stranded piece with a 20" (shortest strand) and 30" (longest strand) design.  There are also 4 tassels and additional chain which makes this quite a substantial piece.  The focal on this piece is created with a patinaed vintage pocket watch mechanism layered onto a reversible silver faux watch and is layered with a vintage key, a vintage ladies wrist watch dial, a silver plate crown, and the "Create" tag.

I will continue to add more pieces as time allows. 
 Thanks for taking a look.
For my out of state customers,
 I appreciate your patience in getting these listed. 
Holiday blessings to each one of you!

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