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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

AA/JMS - Event Part 5 - The Goods

Good Morning!!!
So the goods for a jewelry designer
Here's some of the offerings
I had at the
Art & Architecture/Junk Market Style
that I just sold at.
 I loved how this piece turned out, and fortunately it went to a very good home of an awesome customer named Karen, that will love it, wear it and it should provide many years of adornment for this lovely lady.  SOLD
 Lots of lovely details were added to this piece and the yummy colors made this creation one of my personal favorites.  SOLD
 One more shot of this favorite piece.  SOLD
 Four women drove all day into the night from Texas to come to the show in Minnesota. :)  This piece went home with one of those ladies, and the fun thing is she has 5 children, so the number was extra special for her.  SOLD
 Gorgeous vintage religious medal and this awesome 1898 Indian head penny makes this piece unique.
 Entire necklace - SOLD
 Lovley vintage brooch now becomes a focal on this great necklace.  SOLD
 This gorgeous necklace will be available on November 6th to be purchased at "The Loft on 2nd Ave." in Anoka, MN where I will be doing a one day Trunk Show.   I love this piece.  A combination of silver toned and copper makes me think of Junking for Rust and Fine Silver...  My personal favs...
 Speaking of  JUNKER...this necklace is also going to be available at the upcoming Trunk Show mentioned above.  Love the use of the optical lense, mix of metals and gorgeous sparkle in the vintage elements.
 Since this was a JUNK MARKET STYLE event, a gal has to design some "Junk" inspired jewelry...  Again this is going to be available at "The Loft" on November 6th.
 This religious medal was large, detailed and truly one of the most unique and gorgeous religous medals I've ever worked with.  It has found a happy home as well.   SOLD
 This great piece is SOLD and is one of my new favorite styles.  This one is sold to my newest friend, Joyce, but I have created a line of this design, each one different and unique, but of similiar theme.  They will be available at the upcoming Trunk Show at "The Loft" and on my blog in the future.  Inquire if interested... Prices will be $49.00. 
 Religious Faith/Lady necklace is SOLD.  It is reversible and also went home with my customer and new friend, Karen.  It's a great mix of old and new elements.
 A variety of necklaces that I had for sale at this show.
 This mannequin did her job for me. 
All 3 of these necklaces are SOLD.
 This piece is an awesome necklace.  The pendant was once a part of a clock in a home, and was sent to me as a gift to be used in my designs from a fellow Junk Market Style member, David.  How cool is that?  It found a great home once again, which thrills me as a designer.  Both pieces are SOLD.
 Fun mannequin shot...
 A shot of my space before the show began...
The rest of my space.

One more event is
a part of my past.

Thank you
 to all
of my customers
for coming to
see me,
for your support,
and for your
purchases of
little bit
of my
heart & soul.

To my new
a huge
thank you
most of all
and approval
of my designs
your purchases.

Love to you all...

*****Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post about the November 6th upcoming event
"The Loft"
on 2nd Ave.
Anoka, MN

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

AA/JMS - At the Show - Part 4

 The Gala Affair
October 13
6-9 p.m.
 Photo above is of our family in my jewlery vendor space...  My hubby came down to see what the buzz was all about, and Emily, our daughter helped me selling in my space for the Wednesday night early bird shopping Gala Affair.
Me in my space...
 Gretchen (me), Sue Whitney of Junk Market Style, Lannette of Cottage Elements, and Laurel Putman of  Chipping With Charm after the event had ended on Wednesday night.  Lannette, Laurel and I are all contributors on Sue's website called Junk Market Style, which is a junkers haven of ideas.
Loyalist friend, Carolyn, came to support me.  Her daughter is in the below photo with Sue.  Thanks ladies for attending and supporting the charity at the Junk Gala Affair.
Sue Whitney with my friend, Michelle.
 The best part about shows like these is meeting all of the wonderful customers I had the privilege to sell to, and here is Joyce a new customer, and now a new friend...

I will have to do another post with the rest of my pictures, as my blogger isn't cooperating right now and won't let me add into it any other pics.  Stay tuned...

Found Elements Necklace - Part 3 - AA/JMS

Those of you that are frequent followers of my designs would recognize that I'm a designer that uses a lot of neutrals in my jewelry creations.  I struggle and try to add pops of colors to offer a different look for my customers that like color in their jewelry, so this and the previous necklace are just such pieces.  I find that the Fall brings me into a realm of creating with color.  Maybe, it's the changing leaves of our beautiful Minnesota Falls, or something, but it often happens.

Just found this in my draft box today, after a long time away, but it is available for purchase still, so wanted to share it.  A lot of unique elements are used in this piece.  If interested contact me at gretchen.schaumann@comcast.net   for pricing and further information.  SOLD 10/27/10

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

AA/JMS - Event, Part 2 - "Forgiven" Necklace

Forgiven Necklace
This necklace will be for sale at the upcoming AA/JMS event in Minneapolis starting October 13-17th.  I am working feverishly to restock my jewelry for this show, as the Junk Bonanza show just last month was fabulous for me, and than I proceeded to be sick for 10 days, in which very little was created.
At Junk Bonanza, my friend Amy, shared with me that she had picked up a few vintage optical lenses that she thought would be cool for me to maybe buy some to create jewelry with.  Little did Amy know, that I've looked for these optical lenses for years to do just that.  At one time I found some, purchased them online, and when they arrived they were shiny silver and reproductions.  I was very sad, and was not at all inspired to use them, so they are still in my unused stash.
Now these vintage style ones, are another story...
The first design I've come up with using them is a necklace I've labeled "Forgiven".  You see as a born again believer, forgiveness isn't something I take lightly.  Because of this, I have a line of religious necklaces where I incorporate touches that represent ones Christian Faith and beliefs.  This is another example of one such necklace.
I've taken the optical lense and hand wire wrapped it to create a sturdy bail and than linked it to the double stacked Miriam Haskell glass vintage grey pearls which are accented with a vintage rhinestone rondelle.  This in turn is hand wire-wrapped to a vintage red glass French rosary beaded chain as well as another area of Miriam Haskell pearls, the original Jesus religious medal, the original Made in France label and than have created a mix of charm dangles that draws attention to Jesus image. 
The combination of the "forgiven vintage text" on the optical lense, the blood red rosary beads, and the Jesus religious image makes this what I called the "forgiven" necklace.
Available at the AA/JMS event only...

Monday, October 4, 2010

Floral Focal w/ Nest in Bronze - Part 1 - AA/JMS Fall Event

 Sharing a new piece
will be at
October 13-17.
bronze toned
floral focal
birds nest.
of the
Entire necklace photo!
This piece will be
one of many
available at this
upcoming show.
Hope to see you there!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fall Photo Montage'

As women,
everything in our lives
are like these spokes.
We are the center of our families,
with many spokes radiating outwards,
to meet the needs of all.
Women are passionate people...
about our famiies,
our friends,
our homes,
and our passions.

comes from within us,
as well as around us,
in what we see and feel,
and in all that we do.
Creativity comes from inspiration,
through things we dream about,
things we see,
beauty in nature,
through our art,
and from
dozens of other places,
happening in our lives.
 Beauty surrounds us,
do we see it?

It is..
in the Fall colors,
in our families,
in the art we create,
in our our homes,
even us as women
are a thing of beauty.
Direction for me...
comes from within,
from listening to the Lord,
through our families,
and event hrough our
Moving forward...
is something that is good,
it is often hard,
is usually rewarding,
and is called growth.

I have chosen to move forward,
and am loving it,
once I got past the fear,
made some tough decisions,
now I'm so glad I chose
to move forward.
I am often working towards peace,
often still over extending myself,
but trying to learn
 to say
"no thank you".

I am a work in progress,
and God is definitely
 not finished
with me yet.

Side note:
All photos in this blog post were taken last week by me, when I went to see my Dad and family in north central Minnesota.  Through a friend I met online from another blog, I recently have started taking the time to take notice of the smaller things in life and thus I thought to take my camera on a gorgeous MN fall sun filled day and capture a few shots of my 200 mile trip up and back.

The church photo is especially important, as it represents so much...it was where Jon and I were married almost 17 years ago.  If you look real close, you'll see the town water tower in the background and it says UPSALA, which is where I was born and raised, and the front tree is a maple, which was ablaze in beauty on this day and represents my new goal to start paying attention to the beauty surrounding me on a daily basis.

Two weeks ago, I would of never thought to stop and take the photos of the windmill, country street sign with gorgeous red vine growing up it, or any of these other photos.  So exciting and fun to be growing and making these changes.

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