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Monday, March 22, 2010

Jewelry for Sale - March

New Jewelry Items for Sale off of Blog
If interested, contact me at : gretchen.schaumann@comcast.net
$3.00 shipping per item and no out of state sales tax
MN residents pay sales tax

Paris Style necklace w/Fleur d leis theme.
b x w Eiffel tower resin image charm. 
Eiffel tower goldtone charm off of 3" extension.
17" w/3" extension length.  Silvertone chain w/3" wide x 2" tall filigree. 
Floral Bling
 (SOLD FF 4-10)
Multi strand black and silvertone chains. 22" length and than flower portion.  3" floral with patina and an additional 1 3/4" charm cluster dangle off of the floral section.

Rhinestone Bling
$42.00 (SOLD 3/31/10)
20" length silvertone chain.  2 1/4" x 1 1/4" rhinestone set in piece with multiple charms dropping off.  Eiffel tower, stering silver fleur d lies and a heart/key charm.

(SOLD FF 4/10)
34" antique tone chain w/#3 stencil and 2 filigrees set into chain.  The cluster mix of elements is an additonal 4" drop.


                                                                   Gun Metal Bling
32" antiqued silvertone chain w/fluted round and oval beads set into chain w/vintage key drop off one side.  The additonal cool focal cluster is 4" additional length and incorporates a black diamond vintage prism, vintage cameo charm, vintage cruicifix, and vintage mix of beads and elemetns.  A single egg in a birds nest is also part of this eclectic mix.
(SOLD FF 4/10)
30" heavy antiqued gold chain w/vintage black wood beads intertwined.  A gorgeous Eiffel tower image in the asymetrical chain portion of this piece and an additional 6" of gorgeous accents.  A brass "8", semi-precious gemstone, Miriam Haskell vintage baroque pearls and a golden crest make up the fabulous and fun elements in this piece.  Truly a statement piece and a one-of-a-kind creation.  Hefty piece.

(SOLD FF 4/10)
16" vintage faux light weight pearls w/gold links attached to a 2" gold filigree piece with mother of pearl center.  From the piece a gorgeous 1" vintage piece is attached with my trademark flying sparrow attached to it.

Beach Necklace
$44.00 (SOLD 3/24/10)
21" Silvertone vintage chain.  2 3/4" x 1 3/4" mother of pearl background layered with another mother of pearl and layered with a vintage shell floral piece.  Beach theme charms dangle from silvertone chain between chain and focal section.

2" antiqued gold focal front.
Antiqued gold focal charm back has a mother of pearl button and a gold crown element.
18" faux ivory glass pearls w/2" round resin Eiffel tower focal w/a queen crown charm.

Gold Floral Delight
Multi strand gold and pearl chain with a vintage Swarovski crystal and a gorgeous 2" filigree gold/floral focal.

25" ivory faux glass vintage pearls with a Eiffel tower 1 3/4" focal.

15" faux pearls w/vintage green button/mother of pearl layer and vintage gold fleur d leis element.

Gold Charm Bracelet
$44.00 (SOLD 3/22/10)
7 3/4" three strand goldtone vintage chain bracelet with 5 vintage elements, 1 new fleur d leis and 1 hand created resin image of lady.  Gorgeous patina.

26" gold tone and linked faux white pearls with a 2" gold and set rhinestone floral focal, which has a 2 1/2" drop from that.  A vintage gold ladies wrist watch case encases "Bella Girl" in it.

24" Goldtone vintage chain w/vintage gold chippy skeleton key, vintage crystal prism, Eiffel tower charm and Eiffel tower square wood resin charm.  The key and charms add an additional 3" to the length.

7 1/2" Goldtone vintage base with 10 vintage silvertone heart rhinestone elements and a gorgeous center focal rhinestone piece.  This is a gorgeous piece.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Creating with Resin - Artbeads 20% Off Offer

Bracelet is Sold
This bracelet was recently created with a mixture of elements and features neutral color tones. My post today is all about creating unique and one-of-a-kind designs. The creative process is fun, exciting, but yet can also be challenging.
Ice Resin is a product I was given to try through a blogging for beaders program that I am a part of.  and if you'd like to try it out I've attached a link to a tutorial that is available through Artbeads if you're interested in trying it out yourself. Artbeads is out of Washington State and right now they are having a 20% off sale over $60 purchase on their site.  An added bonus is that they always have free shipping with no minimum order on their products.
Before in its raw state
Here is an element I unearthed late last summer while out foraging for unique finds. I like to be creative and use different types of elements and thought this would be a fun one to try.   Since I'm not only a jewelry designer by trade, but a bonifide junker as well it was a good element for me to purchase.  It was rusty, dirty and a mess.  Here it is cleaned up, but not yet treated with a protector.
During the process with just the image attached
This is what my vision was for these pieces way back late last summer when I first came across them. However, it took many months to get myself to crack open the container and give the Ice Resin a whirl.

Do you ever buy something to create with and find yourself paralyzed with fear of destroying it? Well call me goofy if you'd like, but I have a perfectionism personality, and I tend to think things through for way too long of a time. You see, I want things perfect the first time, so I over think them and/or I don't tend to tackle the technique at all.  Needless to say, I can have a product on hand way too long before I get brave enough to give it a try.   I can't say this is totally good, but I also can't say it is totally bad. The benefits of the perfectionism comes with the finishing details I put into my jewlery designs, but meanwhile I may drive those family members nuts. I guess that’s why I'm an artist. lol You're allowed to be quirky, and people figure it goes with the territory. Are you quirky in any way? I'd love to hear about it...
During the Process - setting up
Ahhh, this is the part I don't like...the wait.  36 hours of waiting once the Ice Resin is poured, about did me in.  I wanted so badly to play with these elements long before their drying time was done.
At last the finished product... 
Necklace is Sold
You may have noticed that the image in this rusty piece is different than the one featured above, but you get the idea here. I had two of the rusty style pieces, and the one of the ivory to work with. I've also since added an African turquoise cluster of drops to the above necklace as somehow I got torn away from the creation process of this piece and than had packed it up ready to be sold. It was later when I was photographing all of my jewelry for the French Flea sale that I discovered this piece was incomplete. Alas' I finished it and it was the first piece to see of the 4 day sale last week. I lovely gal bought it, so I'm thrilled to know the new owner.
I did add some African turquoise, crystals and some other dangles from the bottom hole of this design.  I obviously had gotten interrupted in the middle of this design, came back to it and packed it up and than after I photographed the jewelry realized this one wasn't finished.  It did get detailed out, and yes, it is SOLD.

More Photos of Ice Resin

Photo #1
Photo #2
Photo #3
Photo #4
Photo #5
Jewelry Designs w/Ice Resin
Example #1:
Eiffel Tower element in this necklace is shown during the process in Photo 2.  I chose to use it as a charm dangle in the above/below necklace.   Necklace is sold.
The Eiffel tower focal is repeated in the charm dangle 1/2 way up the necklace.

Necklace is sold.
Example #2:
This piece has a gorgeous dome like finish. It is shown during the process in Photo 1 above.
This necklace is sold.

Example #3:
I chose to use this ice resin as a charm in a junk style necklace.  It is shown in Photos 1 and 2 above in the during photos.  This necklace is available for purchase.
  Example #4:
Photo 2 above shows a glimpse of this Eiffel Tower black and white charm.
I love the mix of metals on this necklace.
The French theme is played out throughout this necklace with the Eiffel Tower charm, and the repetitive fleur d leis.  This necklace is sold.

Example #5:  
This bracelet has wonderful texture to its overall look. I've used just one ice resin piece in it, but it really does add to its overall look.   Bracelet is SOLD.
Here is a detailed photo of the Ice Resin piece.   This bracelet is SOLD.

Notice this cool coffee cup charm?  This was a find my dear friends, the Junk-Fest gals found in one of their junking expeditions in North Dakota and passed it on to me to redesign with.  I just love its addition in this bracelet.  Thanks Junk-Fest friends.  Love you guys!
A special thank you goes out to Duchess Erickson of Artbeads for coordinating everything she does with the blogging for beaders program.  It has been a great opportunity for me, as well as my blog to be able to try a few of these great products that I normally woulnd't of been brave enough to try.

Disclosure statement:  I have received the ice resin product free of charge from Artbeads to try and I have not been paid for any endorsement. I am giving my honest opinion of the ice resin product and the results I had with it.

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