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Monday, September 27, 2010

Guest Post - Dreaming Big and Open Doors

Good evening my blogging friends...
I've something to share with you all.

Exciting things have been happening
and I'm bursting at the seams.
As is often said,
when one door closes,
or in my case when we
 choose to close a door...
another one opens.

I am so thrilled...
to share this with you today.

Today, I am a guest writer
on an Inspiration Blog.
Thank you Kim,
for this wonderful opportunity
to be a part of such a great

Please pop on over to:
to read my first post,
which went up this afternoon.

Turns out I will be sharing
bi-monthly on this site.

I love how Kim, a talented gal,
so freely shares her
extensive knowlege of
the many other things
shared through this wonderful

These ladies are truly talented,
and my hope is that I can
somehow inspire others,
as these ladies have been
inspiring me.

I will have the opportunity
to share my hopes, dreams,
and inner workings
as a jewelry
What a gift!

Living Life - Loving Life

What a Gift
to a be
To work at your own pace,
on a daily basis.

Flitting from project to project,
trying different
No one to tell you what to do,
how to do,
or when to do it.

Just you
and your creativity
This is my life,
and I'm loving it.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Current Jewlery Designs for Sale

Below are a few pieces of jewelry that are currently available for purchase off of my blog.  If interested, contact me at gretchen.schaumann@comcast.net.  There is a $3.00 per item shipping/hangling/postage charge per item, and multiple purchases are usually lowered to actual costs of processing.  Enjoy!

#8 Necklace

This necklace is filled with wonderful details from start to finish.  The found vintage copper #8 has gorgeous patina, and has been combined with an eclectic array of fabulous vintage treasures.
Here the entire necklace is shown in all of its glory.  Proportionally, the #8 isn't as huge as it looks in these photos.
 A variety of types and colors of vintage faux glass pearls, vintage glass beads, a shell carved heart charm, a mustard seed charm, vintage rhinestone rondelles, vintage porcelain underwear button and hand wire wrapped wire completes this section of details on the necklace.
Details of above charms.
 A gorgeous vintage crucifix hangs from the ones side of this necklace.  Love the patina on this piece.  To me, it represents the ultimate sacrafice made for each one of us.
A gorgeous vintage cameo element added to the side of this necklace offsets the cross on the other side.  It is two sided, so that if it turns while wearing the back side has a vintage mother of pearl button and tiny gold key that is on the alternate side.
 Vintage closure is paired with a mother of pearl round piece.  All items are hand wire wrapped on this piece to be of heirloom quality.
 One of a kind piece will never be seen on another person, other than you the purchaser.

Green/Gold Two Strand Necklace
A lovely two stranded gold necklace with a gorgeous vintage set rhinestone brooch as its focal.  Gorgeous vintage gold filigree beads add interest to this piece.  Dress up or down.

Gold/Black Wire-Wrapped Necklace
A gorgeous vintage rhinestone set buckle is the focal of this piece, along with a pavee' set vintage shoe clip.
Gorgeous all vintage elements used.  A gorgeous vintage glass prism with image, mother of pearl buttons, and unique vintage glass beads, are each wire-wrapped by hand to create this heirloom quality piece.
One of the unique details is this lovely vintage Bakelite bird button that has been wire wrapped up one side of this piece.
Just a necklace absolutely filled with treasures.  A conversation starter for sure.

Blue/Gold Two Strand Necklace
Another gorgeous gold two strand necklace here this time with a hand wire-wrapped blue/clear set in rhinestone vintage brooch onto a vintage filigree piece. 
 I so love working with gorgeous elements such as these vintage rhinestone pieces, as they have such incredible detailing to them.
Lovely indeed.

Two Sided Watch with Pearls Necklace
A gorgeous vintage white enamel watch face with flying sparrow.
Finished off back side has vintage rhinestone button to give it a completed look in case in turns over.
The length is long, but could be altered to whatever length you'd like.

Ivory Pearls/Sage Focal
This is really a beautiful piece, and could easily be layered with other necklaces.  It is a long strand of knotted faux glass vintage pearls that has been paired with vintage focal elements.  Quite neutral.
Long strand.  Inquire on length if interested.

Rhinestone Attention Grabbing Necklace
Lots of gold on this piece.  Layers of chain in different sizes with the addition of an asymetrical side of four gorgeous vintage prong set rhinestone brooches.
 This photo is of a display at the Junk Bonanza event I was just vendoring at, and shows thre of the necklaces listed her, worn together.
A shot showcasing these four fabulous brooches.  They are quite lovely and seem to accent one another.
 Gorgeous black diamond crystal colored brooch.
 Gorgeous light sapphire leaf brooch.
 Clear stoned brooch than followed by a light aqua brooch.

Hand Carved Button Bling Necklace
 I've not seen another of this type of button before, and love how it has a graduated change in coloring.  So natural looking and it is a vintag Mother of Pearl hand carved shell button.  It has been layered with another Mother of Pearl button as well as a gorgeous vintage rhinestone button to create this fabulous one of a kind focal.
Close-up of focal, as well as a shot of the gorgeous vintage silvertoned chunky chain I've paired with it.

Gold Cameo Necklace
 Cool elements are paired with this cameo.  A vintage AB crystal jewelry piece and a petite gold cross with pearls and red stones, as well as the hand wire wrapping to the gold and faux pearls in its chain, lend a classy touch.
 Close-up of focal.

Cameo Button Choker necklace
 Vintage gold necklace base with mother of pearl buttons and vintage cameo style buttons provides a feminine and classy look.
Close-up detailing of these vintage elements.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sweet 16 - Emily Victoria Schaumann - A Tribute

To our precious daughter Emily...
September 21, 1994
what a gift you were
on that day to your
Mom and Dad
this is what you were like when
Grandma Margaret lost her battle
with cancer.
You were a delite!
You still are.
You'll always be Daddy's girl!
You loved to be with him
when you were little
were his shadow.
You did karate with him,
you helped him fix things,
you were always by his side.
Thankfully for me...
you also were a Mommy's girl.
You were willing to let me play dress up with you.
Take tons of photos.
Have tea parties...
and have lots of fun.
You adored ponies...
you adored horses way to big for a five year old.
You adored all animals.
Merry go rounds were your favorite!
Never could ride just one time,
but as many as the pocket book would allow.
MOA merry go round was your all time favorite.
A photo shot for Christmas cards took way too long,
but you were a delite
joyful as always.
You loved being in the water...
You love guns!
Water guns
real ones.
Shooting rabbits and snakes at the cabin
has become a Father/Daughter memory.
You loved to be in the boat when you were young.
You have always loved vacations!
Dressing up for Halloween.
always a favorite of yours...
Born a kitten lover...
...you were a lover of books
Santa was always your friend.
You could never get enough of stuffed animals and farm toys.
a lover of apples...
always a delightful beautiful smile on your face...
You were even a cool dude on our motorcycles when you were young.
5th grade
6th grade
7th grade
8th grade
9th grade
lover of family events...
such as many cousins weddings.
Softball and soccer were your choice of sports.
a delight to watch on the field playing...
you make our family complete...
lover of family events.
and now,
at 16 years old
your ready to spread your wings,
and continue your amazing journey
we call life.
we wish you love forever and happiness
wherever and whatever you do.
(Emily taken today before school)

We love you and are proud to call you
our daughter.
Love you forever,
Mom and Dad

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