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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Photographing Jewelry Tips with Mimi-Toria's Designs

Today I'd like to share a few hints on how  I capture some of the jewelry photos I post to my blog, Facebook, Instagram, and other Social Media sights.

My choice of camera has exclusively become my iPhone5, due to its convenience, ease of editing with apps loaded for free on my phone, and the lack of bulkiness.

                  Unedited Photo

I will start with the above photo.  I was out of town on a mini artist retreat alone at my cabin studio early in November, for several days of creating jewelry.  I didn't have my usual arsenal of props to photograph on top of or with.  Besides that it was freezing cold outside, which also meant no outdoor photographing of my latest designs.  So I had to improvise.

I used a neutral colored coffee table for my background, and while I was stuck with fluorescent lighting, I still hastily snapped this photo.  You can see several issues with it.

Here's what I see:
1.  It is not a sharp photo
2.  The jewelry is laid out oddly
3.  I am attempting to photograph details of the extension chain and my Mimi-Toria's crown logo, but part of the rest of the chain portion of the necklace is included and is distracting to the eye.
4.  The color is a bit off
5.  The links in the extension chain show their seam to the camera side.

This photo is easier on ones eyes, but is still not edited.  I find it though more pleasing to ones eye, and it also captures quite well that which I was hoping to hi lite, which is my Mimi-Toria's Design tag.

This photo shows each photo beside one another.  I've used two apps here to get these photos representing what I'm trying to share here.  PixlrExpress+ is my go to app, and the Pic Stitch app created the above photo.  

So take the time to notice the little details while photographing and sharing your creations with others.  Do take the time to do some extra sharpening, cropping, add a copyright marking, a border if you like, etc., so that you can tell a story with your photographs, and showcase your beautiful creations.

I'd love to know if you've found this post to be helpful or not?

Monday, September 16, 2013

Junk Bonanza 6th Appearance

JUNK BONANZA - September 26-28

Mimi-Toria's Designs has moved to space #208, still on ground level in the Main  Building.  I will be to the far left, against the back glass windows of the building in the corner.  It is one booth all by itself, but will really help showcase my space.

I am once again honored to be chosen as one of the vendors in the upcoming Junk Bonanza event.  It takes place September 26-28th, 2013.  It is once again located in Shakopee, Minnesota at Canterbury Park.  

Ki and her JB team are working fast and furious To make this the best event ever. New quality vendors have been added, space on the 2nd Level of the main building has been added as well.  

A fun vendor competition with wonderful prizes and incentives has been established, and will be showcased on the second floor for the top 10 winners. Be sure to check that out!
Some of the creations I will feature at Junk Bonanza are included in this post.

Early Bird tickets are much coveted, but anytime you are able to make it to this wonderful show is well worth your time and money.   It is indeed a must-see event!  To find out more about the event the time to place the location interactions you can check out their website at www.junkbonanza.com.

These are just a few of the pieces that I will have in my vendor space # 208 at Junk Bonanza.

Please be sure to stop by and see all of the many many many new designs I've created. Each item is one-of-a-kind and never duplicated.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Mimi-Toria's Designs at GetFresh Vintage

I have been honored to be a part of Sue Whitney's created artisan team since 2009.  Through the many events she's created and wonderful visionary that she is, my confidence, style offerings of designs and business has continued to grow.  Sue has once again changed things up and late last Summer opened a brick n mortar shop in Lanesboro, which is a showcase for some cutting edge Junk repurposers.  I am fortunate to still be apart of this venue, which is called, 'Getfresh Vintage JUNKMARKETS Little Sister'.

As this photo shows, and the previous blog posts photos I've shared will showcase is the beauty of the exterior of this vintage built shop, the shop Sue has built within it, as well as the shopping area along side of it with the glorious gardens and repurposed and newly created garden elements.
My friend, Carolyn (far right) enjoyed our time in Lanesboro a few weeks back.  As we were finally leaving town, I spotted another new friend/customer from Wisconsin.  Sally, in the black, and her friend had come for the day, so we used the beautiful gardens to capture this memory photo of our meeting up on the streets of Lanesboro.
Here is my Mimi-Toria's Designs jewelry display area.  It isn't a big space in square footage, but makes a nice statement for my collection to be represented. 
There are other jewelry designers also show cases in the shop with a larger offering, so suffice to say, jewelry is nicely represented at GetFresh Vintage.  

These genuine faceted rubies with Sterling Silver lever backs and links are accented with these wonderful Jesus and child vintage medals.  (Available at GetFresh)

One of the ways you can tell a Mimi-Toria's Designs creation apart from others is in the details used.  Primarily Sterling Silver, Antiqued Sterling Silver or 14 kt Gold Filled Earwires/findings are used.  Another detail is the wire wrapping techniques often found in my jewelry will provide you with an heirloom quality piece of jewelry.

I also have custom designed I.d. tags that I designed and had created to add value with a signed piece of jewelry identifying and guaranteeing my customers that they are buying one of my one of a kind designs and not a copied piece.   With 17 years invested in my career, I want to keep my reputation and integrity intact.

After 4 1/2 years of hand stamped pieces, they continue to be a popular and meaningful line of jewelry that speaks to my customers.
I also have a reputation for creating feminine more detailed pieces like the two represented on the cornel.  These are redesigned from many forlorn and forgotten elements to be recreated into a wearable art they my customers find beckoning them.
Currently, there are like 20+ pairs of one if a kind earrings available within this shop.  Many are 'bride' worthy for that vintage feel on a Brides Wedding Day.

I have purposely from the beginning of my jewelry design business geared my kinds if jewelry to be many and vast, do that I can meet the interests and needs of many customers rather than just one certain look or style type.  I believe this has benefited my longevity in the business when it is so common now, as well as garnered me some of my dearest customers and friends.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

GetFresh Vintage Indoor Photos

GetFresh Vintage is OPEN.... Yes indeed it is!  So swing on down to the beautiful town of Lanesboro where it is located.
Love this heavy canvas hand stamped sign that is for sale within the shop.  So cool!

Sue Whitney, of JunkMarket Style is the proprietor of this lovely shop, and never is without unique and fun table display ideas.  This one was no exception.

My friend, Lori, of La Dee Da, has some beautiful Summer apparel designs creatively designed and exclusively for this Getfresh Vintage shop.
Another La Dee Da Designed tank, as well as other great Art and repurposed items.

So much to see and ponder over while shopping.  Great displays at every turn.

There is also a vast array of jewelry available to purchase, including a number of designers.  I just delivered 68 one of a kind pieces for my Mi-Toria's Designs to GetFresh Vintage in Lanesboro.
This town is truly worth the trip!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

GetFresh Vintage - an Awesome Shop with a Gem of a Surprise

GetFresh Vintage - JunkMarkets Little Sister
A beautifully styled shop in the heart of downtown Lanesboro.  Junk inspired with creativity at every vantage point within the shop.  I'm sure the locals are amazed with the ubber talented owner, Sue Whitney, and her unique offerings outside and within this little gem in their small town venue.
For example... This hog crate turned garden terrarium.  My sister lived seeing this idea, as she and her husband were pig farmers for years, and she just so happened to have several of these in her she'd on their farm.  So beautifully styled!
Notice the details?  Sue gets this concept and foes it in big ways with everything she creates and styles for her customers.  This window dressing is just one example of that.
Who would of thought a roll of rusty fencing could make such a statement, while being re purposed into a pillar plant stand?  Sue did.
Entrance into this beautiful side garden and garden she'd edition to the GetFresh Vintage shop is new to the venue this year.  Such a surprise in the middle of town.  The not so secret version if the secret garden.  There are little surprises everywhere you look within this small alley like garden area.  May of been my friend Carolyn's favorite part of our visit to Lanesboro.
Details...such as an over glowing abundance of flowers on these pillars, surely added to the beauty of this photograph.
Fairy garden planted in a bird bath make up visual beauty to behold.
Unique galvanized farm items re purposed into unique flower planters, which are than for sale to tuck into your own gardens.

This display was a picnic set up within a canoe.  How perfect for a river town known for its great canoeing?
This photo shows canoe not set up yet, due to all of the rain filled weather early June had brought to Minnesota, however the photo above shows it in its glory all set up to inspire.
The shop offers a great variety of garden display pieces outdoors along this meandering garden, within the garden building and also with the inside of the shop.
Even the wire bike basket received a healthy dose of Sue's detailed styling talents, with a burlap liner, tied with jute on the corners and than filled with flowers and pussy willows.

As you can see, this town and shop are beckoning to those that want to step back in time, enjoy the great outdoors, be inspired by one of the inventors of Junk re purposing than head to this gem of a town.  Lanesboro here you come!

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