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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Join Me at the Trunk Show this Saturday (1-29-11)

Please plan to join me this Saturday at this venue :

'Pamper Yourself, You Deserve It' Trunk Show
Saturday, January 29, 9am-4pm

Click on above link for details, directions and hours of event.

Please note... these jewelry items are for sale this Saturday only at a local Trunk Show.
Thanks for peaking!

Baby Necklace Design
Baby Necklace shown layered with a shorter necklace shown below.

759 Necklace

Mother Optical Lens Necklace

Pocket Watch Grunge/Porcelain Reversible
Necklace with Two Sided Heart
Side 1
Side 2

Junk Love Necklace
(Red Heart)

Bird Crown Necklace

Long Grunge Watch Necklace

#53 Necklace

Glass Encased Red Medal Necklace

Mixed Metal in Paris Necklace

#47 the Charm Necklace

Vintage Silver Bow Necklace

Artist Optical Lens Necklace

Long Pocket Watch/Crown Necklace

I Left my Heart in Paris Necklace

Rust is a Must Necklace
(a Junkers De lite Piece)

Resin Eiffel Tower Necklace

Rhinestones and Bird Necklace
This is a sampling of just a few of the pieces I'll have this Saturday at the Trunk show at Otten Bros. Nursery location.  This special event is part of the Sue Whitney, Junk Market Style/Otten Bros. special event programming.  I hope to see you on Saturday!

For those of you that aren't local to the metro area, I will plan to post jewelry for sale through my blog after this Trunk show is finished, so early next week. 

I now have the ability to accept Paypal as well as personal checks for purchases.  Plan in the future to SHOP for my jewelry creations, from the SHOP tab at the top of my blog for jewelry available to be purchased.

Tell me your thoughts....
Do you like the large photos I've used?
Or are the pictures way to big?
Please give me your opinions.  Thanks ladies!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Blog Redesign and Paypal Available Now

Blog Redesign...
Still under construction!
(Necklace was created for and will be available this Saturday only through the Junk Market Style
and Otten Bros. Nursery Trunk Show that I am a vendor at - no early sales... sorry)

Its been awhile since I've posted.
Lots to do, but yet lots to say.

Check out my new TABS I've
been working on.

To buy jewelry...
click on SHOP tab.

To see show hi-lites...
than click on SHOW tab.

To learn about me...
than click on ABOUT ME tab.

Etc., etc.

I also have a Paypal option
for payments,
as well as the personal checks.

Necklaces available at the Trunk Show on Saturday only.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Winter Wonderland...

So for those of you that aren't aware,
 my area of MN,
 has thus far received
 40 + inches of snow this year.
I can continue to be depressed about it,
or figure out a way to enjoy it.
My husband, Jon
found just the remedy.
Well, it's high time I decide to enjoy it,
since I'm living here.
This photo was taken 
on the way to our new adventure.
This little one lane bridge
is such a quaint site.
Jon and I after skiing - self portrait :)
My husband, Jon,
 has skied 21of the last 25 days
and has been loving it.
He finally got
me to join in on his adventure.
There was the most
from the
Look out, rookie...
having fun!
 Can't beat it,
than join it.
 a Beautiful
Park Reserve
setting with
cool bridges
Both groomed trails,
for backwoods
style skiing
for the
new craze,
skate skiing.
Jon loves his new skate skis.
He's loving the speed
they provide him...
a true man.
They feel the need for speed!
We're both happy!!!!

What a fun adventure
we had,
and will continue to have.

Mimi-Toria's Design Jewelry Style