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Friday, August 28, 2009

Oronoco Flea Market - Vintage Redesign Pieces

Oronoco Flea Market treasures have me feeling like Cinderella. I got the prize!
A suitcase filled with wonderful vintage jewelry to recreate into my one-of-a-kind vintage redesigned jewelry. I just love it when I have a day like this. I was recently interviewed about my jewelry business and the journalist was amazed that all of this could be from one treasure hunt expedition. Pretty great finds at this venue.
My treasures run the gamut from vintage keys, pearls, house numbers, filigree, cracker box charms, tokens, board game pieces, pins, jewelry, medals, glass egg timer, you name it, I have it in this treasure box.

A few details of some of the fun design elements I look for while shopping. I have a special fondness for vintage brass elements while designing.

This is a wonderfully intricate piece that will make a wonderful vocal on one of my vintage redesigns.
Love the detailing of this clasp. The missing rhinestone pieces only add to its patina and character. Japanese glass pearls are a favorite of mine for redesigning with.

I love vintage rhinestone pieces whether they were once jewelry or just now a found object that is turned into new jewelry in one of my creations. Lovely pieces.

I seem to have a little cowboy theme going on with the tie bar horse racing clasp, cowboy boots, money bag and bucking bronco charm. With the upcoming Junk Bonanza being held at Canterbury Downs this year, how fitting will these items be on a Junk Redesign piece to remember this event by for many years to come. Stay tuned for a posting of the eventual piece I create from these goodies above.

More fun little treasures to add to my Junk Redesign cache' of pieces to work with.

I've already used the large piece on the right that is silver and rhinestones for a design for the Junk Bonanza event. Stop by and check it out!

Maybe your into "Pretty in Pink" and more girly girl looks.

Looks like blue and aqua were plentiful once I sorted out all of my treasures.

A mix of silver and rhinestone beauties.

Being I'm a detailed person, these above pieces just delight me.


Lovely details on this brass piece. Ahhh, can't wait to use it.

This #8 has the coolest vintage patina on it. Lucky 8? She's being mixed with rhinestones and black wire to create a one-of-a-kind spectacular vintage redesign piece. Stay tuned for it.

Some more fun stuff to work with.

Seems to be another theme here. This one of flowers.
All in all it was a fabulous venue for a gal like me, and I'm so glad I was able to make the trip to Oronoco this year. It was my first time ever, and it was definitely worth the time and money involved in attending. I found a few other personal treasures as well, but honestly I was so jewelry tunnel visioned that a lot of stuff at the Flea Market wasn't even hardly seen by me. I let the rest of my Junk Market Gal Pals get those goodies. lol


  1. Are you saying you won that box filled with all those vintage pieces??? OMG!! That's amazing, I'm so jealous. You hit the jackpot I think? Wow, I know you'll be making the most of all of your goodies. I can't believe you won all of that? No one deserves it more than you.

    So, what was the response when the article in the paper came out? Hopefully you were over-run with orders?

    Have a great Labor Day weekend!!

  2. Hello thr, nice to be herei


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