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As a vintage redesign jewelry designer I am inspired to create beautiful things from what others may have tossed aside as junk. I just absolutely love the detailing in the vintage items I choose to create with.   I believe that my vast collections of items I choose to use is surely a reflection of that.  I was a collector even as a young child, and believe that I was greatly influenced by my Maternal Grandmother. However, my desire to dig in piles of junk was learned early at the knees of my beloved Mom, as she taught me the fine art of sorting through tag sales, thrift shops and such, to find the diamond in the rough.  Thus my love for the old, neglected and forlorn began years ago.

The found objects that I often use in my one-of-a-kind designs, can consist of a variety of items. I may choose to use beautiful vintage buttons, broken bits of jewelry, cracker jack charms, old coins, street car tokens, gorgeous patinated vintage medals, skeleton keys, shells beach glass or rocks that I've gathered while vacationing in Mexico or Florida, scrabble tiles, dice, key holes, old hardware elements, vintage crystals and prisms, rhinestone rondeles, belt buckles, semi precious gemstones, religious charms, crucifix's or any other found object are some I love to design with.  I than will turn these items over in my hands and in my mind, until a design idea comes to me. A creative mind rarely rests, and thus has been the story of my life.

My business was established in 1996, so I have been creating jewelry for 16 years in September.  Long before it was cool to do.  I strive to continually learn new techniques, to grow in my creations, and have always been on the Trendsetter in my chosen field of interest, vintage redesigned jewelry.  I am a very detailed person and this generally shows in my designs, as I try to create things that will become a well love, treasured and often heirloom quality design.  Each Mimi-Toria's Designs piece is created to be a one-of-a-kind piece, so that you can show a reflection of your own unique personality when you choose the piece that calls out your name.

I also enjoy re purposing home decor objects from cast aside treasures, so will feature some of these on my blog too. I occasionally will offer tutorials.  I am currently teaching Vintage Redesign Classes at "the Vintage Jewelry Collection" store in Rogers, MN, and sell my jewelry through my blog, facebook, etsy and through a number of high quality Minnesota shops.

I am a wife and Mom to an only child, Emily, whom is heading off to college this Fall.   I am a beach lover, an avid slalom water skier, has been flower gardener (injured my back, so have had to back off gardening seriously) & motorcyclist (recently sold my bike) owner, and blogger.

Contact me at: gretchen.schaumann@comcast.net

My Awesome Help:

  Emily - my daughter
Emily and I at the AA/JMS Spring Show

My family, Jon and Emily.  If it weren't for the understanding, love and support of these two people, Mimi-Toria's couldn't exist.  Thank you Jon and Emily.  I love you more than I ever can show you.  You are my rock and support.

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