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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Validation - What does this mean to you?

"Validation". What does this word mean to you?
I recently came across a youtube video that while a bit lengthy, it was so profound and moving to me that I decided it to share it with you here through my blog. I've discovered much about this simple word over the course of this past Spring and Summer, and felt this short movie so aptly characterizes what the word means to our world. Watch it and see for yourself. Grab a cup of tea or coffee and watch it from start to finish, and than please leave a comment as to what your thoughts are.
I've been applying this word to the people that I come across in my daily walk called life, and it truly is amazing how much of an impact we can have in and around our world. Part of this word to me is being a "positive" person rather than what a lot of the world falls into which is "negative". What can I do for you vs. what can you do for me. How can I lift you up and encourage you vs. how can you pat my back and make me feel important.
Honestly, can't we all take the time to encourage one another? We are all striving for some of the same goals and aspirations. A happy life, a happy family and success along the way. The pie is big. We each only need a "slice" of it, we don't need to be selfish and have the whole pie to ourselves.
My goal for the rest of the year, is to continue to try to encourage, lift others up and I believe in the end, that will be success. Won't you join me in consciously attempting to be more out there with our compliments, encouragement and validation of one another?
This video says it all. Validation changes people and changes lives. What goes around, certainly is proven to come back around to us.

1 comment:

  1. That's a great (and thought provoking) video. It's funny that you shared that, our youth group watched it earlier this year, too.

    I really would like to comment, but it's a pretty heavy and extensive subject. I'll just say this: I get MY ultimate validation knowing that the Creator of the Universe, The All-knowing, All-Powerful God not only knows and loves me, but eagerly waits to hang out with me every minute of every day (I can't even say that about my dog!)
    I know that not everyone recognizes that in themselves. I try as best as I can to be a positive influence and to be attentive to others -- to be a validator, if you will. But sometimes my head and attitudes can be elsewhere -- usual involving junk!


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