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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Behind the Scenes Making of an Article & Studio Photos

Star Tribune in Minneapolis, MN did a photo shoot of my studio, my jewelry and I in the studio and an interviewed me on August 18th. This is the behind the scenes peak of that day as well as parts of the article and links to the online version. I was asked to not reveal any of this until after it ran in the newspaper on September 16th, so here it is.

Scanned copy of the photo used in the article of me in my studio.

This was the upper 1/3 of a full page of the Home and Garden section on September 16, 2009.

Hey blogging friends, this is one of the exciting things that was happening that I had mentioned in this blog post. It has taken me a while to write about as it was published the day I was setting up at the annual Junk Bonanza event out at Canterbury Downs, and this event kept me busy through last Saturday. I've been going through email contacts, trying to regroup, working my corporate job for several days, had a daughter turn 15 & take her permit, entertain out of town guests and now while a bonfire burns in our background with a cluster of teenagers to celebrate Emily's birthday, finally I'm finding the time to write this post. I am miserable with a head cold as well, but this was such a wonderful opportunity, that I must delay no longer in posting. So for all of you out of state friends and out of the country friends, I'm sorry for the delay.

Kim Yeager of the Star Tribune sent me interview questions through emails, and than she also interviewed me in person on August 18th in our home. This text above is the result of what she chose to use for the article.

On the right hand side of the page there were photos of three of my vintage redesign jewelry pieces, as well as information about the Junk Bonanza event that was to start the following day and linked me to the location that I was to be selling in at that event.

The fabulous photography of this article was done by none other than, Joel Koyama of the Star Tribune. He is shown here photographing me in my studio. Joel also shot all of the rest of the photos that you can see online in the gallery that goes with the article which can be viewed here.

This is how Joel was able to accomplish the cut away look of the jewelry he used in the article. He used the white background to really make the jewelry stand out. He was very easy to work with and a very nice gentleman.

This photo personifies Kim. She's joyful every time I see her, with a smile on her face and is one of those people that makes you feel like she's a long lost friend. Wonderful to work with and made me feel totally at ease. I am not an in your face kind of gal, and she made me feel so comfortable and confident while interviewing me and working with me. Thanks Kim!

Studio Photos
by Gretchen

This is one of many places that I'm inspired to do my designing
and the studio is where all of my design elements are housed.

This printers cabinet is used to store small design elements. I have two
of these types of cabinets and find them to be perfect for my storage.

More containers for storing supplies.

Various glass storage jars and containers make things easily visible.

I have two of these white racks filled with shoes boxes of supplies. This one happens to be all raw bead elements, findings and new supplies. The other white rack is pretty much all of my vintage elements. This is an inexpensive way to keep organized.

A corner of my studio with some of my favorite things.

The corner photo above is where Joel decided to take my studio photo shot. Would you believe I spent about 90 hours preparing, organizing and gathering all of my supplies to get this studio set up enough to let Kim and Joel into it, and this photo is one of the results of that. lol Truly it was a labor of love, and is now so much easier to design in my studio now that I have everything organized and contained in one room. This was great motivation.

Thanks Kim and Joel for a wonderful experience and for choosing me to be represented as a Vintage Redesign Jewelry Designer. I am blessed!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS! Great photos, wish you could show more. I should be so organized - your studio is incredible. Take care, Lori


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