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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Photographing Jewelry Tips with Mimi-Toria's Designs

Today I'd like to share a few hints on how  I capture some of the jewelry photos I post to my blog, Facebook, Instagram, and other Social Media sights.

My choice of camera has exclusively become my iPhone5, due to its convenience, ease of editing with apps loaded for free on my phone, and the lack of bulkiness.

                  Unedited Photo

I will start with the above photo.  I was out of town on a mini artist retreat alone at my cabin studio early in November, for several days of creating jewelry.  I didn't have my usual arsenal of props to photograph on top of or with.  Besides that it was freezing cold outside, which also meant no outdoor photographing of my latest designs.  So I had to improvise.

I used a neutral colored coffee table for my background, and while I was stuck with fluorescent lighting, I still hastily snapped this photo.  You can see several issues with it.

Here's what I see:
1.  It is not a sharp photo
2.  The jewelry is laid out oddly
3.  I am attempting to photograph details of the extension chain and my Mimi-Toria's crown logo, but part of the rest of the chain portion of the necklace is included and is distracting to the eye.
4.  The color is a bit off
5.  The links in the extension chain show their seam to the camera side.

This photo is easier on ones eyes, but is still not edited.  I find it though more pleasing to ones eye, and it also captures quite well that which I was hoping to hi lite, which is my Mimi-Toria's Design tag.

This photo shows each photo beside one another.  I've used two apps here to get these photos representing what I'm trying to share here.  PixlrExpress+ is my go to app, and the Pic Stitch app created the above photo.  

So take the time to notice the little details while photographing and sharing your creations with others.  Do take the time to do some extra sharpening, cropping, add a copyright marking, a border if you like, etc., so that you can tell a story with your photographs, and showcase your beautiful creations.

I'd love to know if you've found this post to be helpful or not?

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