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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

May 2010 - Jewelry For Sale on Blog

Hello again!  After a brief time away from my blog, and time at my non-creative job, I've finally got a few items listed on my blog for sale.  These are designs that I already had photographs of and could upload onto my blogger, as I'm sad to say, my camera is currently missing.  I can't find it anywhere, and am hoping it still turns up soon.  Say a little prayer for my camera to reappear. :)  I just got it in December, and I'm lost without it.
See below post as to how to order any of these necklaces if you're interested.  I will be out of town and away from my computer tomorrow, but will fill orders on a first come, first receive email basis.  Contact me at :  gretchen.schaumann@comcast.net

Item #1
Beach Theme Necklace

Item #2
Black Vintage Pocket Watch Face w/Ivory Link Chain

Item #3
Brown Cameo/Paris/Believe Necklace

Item #4
Gold Heart Necklace

Item #5
Freedom #243 Necklace
$39.00 (SOLD)

Item #6
SilverPlate English Tag Necklace
This necklace is created with 43 vintage beads which have been linked together with black wire to create this stunning design.  The mother of pearl teardrop accent, vintage re purposed crucifix and fabulous silver plate Made in England liqueur tag makes this a fun one of a kind design.

Item #7
I find Junk Necklace
$79.00 (SOLD)
This is a gorgeous necklace.  One of my personal favorites!  Each vintage bead is hand wire wrapped with blackened wire to create this stunning piece.  The focal is a vintage sterling silver crown piece with a tiny mother of pearl childs button, a found element (rusty junk piece) with the coolest words "I find Junk" under mica pieces.  Hand formed hook closure.

Item #8
Paris Pocket Watch Face with Beach Beads

Item #9
Vintage Crystal Photograph Necklace
Silver chunky choker style chain with front toggle closer.  Vintage crystal with "Photograph Novelty" vintage images underneath.  Very cool necklace, and definitely a conversation starter.

Item #10
Vintage Lady Necklace
Multi-strand goldtone chains with brass setting with a resin lady pendant.

Item #11
Starfish Necklace
$49.00 (SOLD)
Elena is modeling the starfish necklace during the AA/JMS event.

Item #12
Eiffel Tower w/Writing Necklace
$42.00  (SOLD 5/4/10 Blog)

If you are interested in any of these necklaces for purchase and further info., such as the chain lengths, etc., than you can email me with your questions. 
I sell directly off of my blog and this is how it currently works.  If you find something you like email me with your interests.  If you decide it is something you'd like to purchase, than I will need your name and address and I will create an invoice for you.  There is a $3.00 per item handling/shipping charge and usually I charge less than that for multiple items.  Send me a check, and I will ship you our item.
Thanks for your interest!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fun at the Art and Architecture/Junk Market Style Show - May 5-9th

Wow, coming of a 5 day event like this is wild!  I've not had  hardly any extra time since, as today starts another 4 day event at the French Flea, but wanted to get some photos online for you to view and see what I've been up to.
Sue Whitney, of Junk Market Style and Jim, of Art & Architecture (an antique/architecture shop in Minneapolis) put together this fabulous event in a 3 month time period.  There is going to be another one in October the 13-17, 2010, so plan now to attend.  It was fabulous!  I also know that the next event will even be that much better than this one, as Sue only goes better when she's involved in an event.
Shown here are some of the vendors that sold at the sale with Sue in the center of us.  There were 34 vendors, so this is just a small group of the ladies at the end of the Gala Affair at 10:30 p.m. on the Wednesday night event.  There were around 200 people that attended that event and I sold straight for hours. :)
These two lovely sisters on either side of me, were an absolute joy to meet and I know consider them my friends.  We had a blast, and they each went home with their own style of Mimi-Toria's Jewelry and a smile on their faces.
Sarah (daughter of Julie), Sue Whitney and Julie came from Wisconsin for the show.  Julie was a blog customer of mine, so we met for the first time at this show.  Loved the time I spent with this Mother and Daughter.
3 of the 4 Junk-Fest gals from Carrington, North Dakota.  They all are customers of mine as well, and they came to Minnesota to shop, support and hang with the rest of us vendors and junkers.  Love these girls, but wish they were Minnesotans, so we could spend more time together.  Thankful for the late night Olive Garden dinner that 16 of us went to, so I could spend some quality time with them.   They came to the Gala Affair, but I was so busy I hardly got to spend any time with them that night.
Laurel Putman (fellow contributor on JMS and local Minnesotan) with Missy the 4th of the 4 Junk-Fest gals.
Kathy Stantz of Sylvias Vintage Daughter, (a fellow Contributor and Ohio gal) that came with Terri her partner in business back in Ohio.  These gals are responsible for the 700+ clocks and clock faces that were at the show.  The clocks as well as these ladies were fabulous.  I got to spend more time with them, as they were working the show and we went on a shopping exursion for the afternoon of one of the days.
Janis, Missy and Andrea
Janis of JunkDreams came all the way from CANADA for the show, so that she could be a vendor at it.  She was awesome and it was so exciting to be able to finally meet her, as we have been email and blogging friends for a couple years now. 
Janis, Carolyn and Amy of Whisperwood Cottage
Janis and Amy are both contributors on JMS too
Carolyn in the middle is my best friend.
L to R: Missy aka Junk-Fest gal, and Cassie aka Junk-Fest gal on the right with me in the middle.
16 of us went for dinner Thursday night at Olive Garden
Terri, and Kathy with me in the middle in my Anthropoligie Fashion Show outfit.
The Anthropologie Fashion Show was on Sunday (Mothers Day), so Emily on the left, my daughter, decided she would come and work my jewelry area while I was modeling in the show.  How sweet was that!
A group of friends in my jewelry area with Isabella my mannequin.
The lovely Elena in her Anthropologie outift from the Fashion Show wearing one of my vintage redesigns and standing in my jewelry area.

Anthropologie was one of the AA/JMS event sponsors and a Fashion Show was held on Sunday for Mothers Day at the event.  Vendors and friends were the models for the show and we show-cased Anthropologie clothing that was chosen for each of us by their stylist, Patty.  It was a fun event and some of the photos are below.
Sue modeled and than was the MC for the rest of the models and the clothes they were wearing.
Elizabeth (Sue's daughter) and Elena in their Anthropolgie outifts they each modeled.
Me in my outfit the stylist from Anthropologie picked out for me to model. 
Modeling on stage.
Sue with 3 of her contributors on JMS and vendors at the show.
Kathy, Gretchen, Sue and Laurel (also modeling Anthropoligie clothing)
Lani on the right of Cottage Elements got in on this photo opp.  Lani was a model, a vendor, is a contributor on JMS and was Sue's right hand gal in planning this fabulous 5 day event.  She wears a lot of hats and did a terrific job.
Elena modeling on stage.
This gal brought her own prop a street sign, and was hilarious.
This lovely lady and her parrot were the last models in the show.
All of the models for the Anthropologie Fashion Show + parrot.

I hope you enjoyed just a taste of a bit of what this event all included.
More posts to come.

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