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Friday, September 4, 2009

Eye Candy For September French Flea Sale and Junk Bonanza Sale

One of my favorite necklaces. Sold 9/10/09 at the French Flea.

Vintage Redesign!!! Oh, how I love to create with these time-worn elements. I ponder, "who used to own this pocket watch?" Where did it come from? How old is it? And, on and on and on. This would be so cool for an Illinois resident to be the owner of this Illinois brand watch face turned pendant.
It is quite long in length. At least 32 glorious inches of vintage faux glass pearls and rhinestone roundels that have been pain stakenly created by hand with the patina ed black wire that I love to use. Love the teeeny tiny mother of pearl heart that was a found element that I used to cover the hole on this piece.

The wonderful time-worn feel of vintage glass faux pearls and rhinestone roundels make this a timeless piece.

Hand created hook and clasp closure that I create on many of my one-of-a-kind creations.

#5 Junkers DeLite Necklace
(available at the French Flea Sept 10-13 Sale)

Such a fun and funky necklace.

Lots of details and goodies flow from this baby.

A lock.

A rhinestone round piece.

A wonderful vintage watch face, filigree setting and brass accent flower.

A vintage brass # tag.

Pearls with Bling
(most of these available at Junk Bonanza sale)

7 lovely vintage faux glass pearl strung necklaces with each having its own one-of-a-kind bling to make it a strong necklace and a statement all on its own, and or layered with other necklaces. These are approximately 17" in length with sterling silver lobster clasp closures.

(SOLD - Star Trib. Article)
Lovely white and gold vintage filigree background piece, layered with a vintage square watch face and layered once more with a square vintage rhinestone button.

A glorious vintage rhinestone disco ball is all this necklace needed to fill it with bling.

A gorgeous vintage rhinestone shoe clip adds just the right element to this piece.

This is a lovely blown glass baroque pearl focal.

Another lovely vintage shoe clip turned into a wonderful focal.

Paris on my Mind
(available at the French Flea September sale)
(SOLD - FF Sept)
A wonderful vintage glass prism has been created with the word "PARIS" on it.


"Paris Dreaming"
(available at the French Flea September sale)

Gold chain with lots of fun bling.

An enamel white flower.

Eiffel Tower

"Lucky 8"
(Sold at the French Flea)
Love the patina on this #8. Wish I could find more numbers like this, but this is the one and only found as is from the Oronoco Flea Market I attended last month. Love the bling with the vintage #8. The contrast is what I enjoy.

The focal portion, awaiting a chain with the right patina to go with it. All the details matter when designing. There isn't anything haphazard going on when I'm creating. It happens for a reason. This is a longer necklace and the watch face flows freely from the #8, thus I decided to make it 2 sided in case the watch face portion flips while wearing.

Front side of Dangle.

Back side of dangle.

"Sea Treasures"
$29 - Available at the French Flea

Lovely coin style back ground with gold sea horse and rhinestone anchor bling.
A fun piece to wear.
A long silver tone chain to go with the sea themed bling.

will continue to showcase new designs every couple of days. I have the "French Flea" sale next week in Anoka, Minnesota, from the 10-13 of September. There will be a 2 day break and then on that Wednesday I go to Canterbury Downs to spend the entire day helping build a vendor booth and three other gals and I will be selling at the annual Junk Bonanza event from the 17-19th of September. Next blog post, I will have links to these events. Come see me at either of these locations. Some of the designs showcased are only available at one or the other location. Need to save good stuff for both places. Lots more to come and even more wonderful things are in store.


  1. You've been busy! These are gorgeous!!


  2. Wonderful designs! See you at the Bonanza!

  3. LOVE the first watche facependant in the pics... how much is it??? Tootles, Janna

  4. Gretchen,
    I almost can't even believe what creative works of art these pieces are......I can't imagine how much time and energy you put in to creating each of your one of a kind pieces....YOU are so very talented!!!
    Thank you for your very kind comments on my blog. Since I have known you (which is just about one year now) you have been so supportive, inspiring and encouraging to me, and I treasure our friendship (even though it is such a long distance one!!!).

  5. Hey Gretchen....just looking at some blogs as it is rainy today and I am waiting for Jacob to come home so we can do some more school supply shopping.....I see some people have over 2000 followers..eek and I thought I was doing well with 20!!! How does that happen.

  6. Hi Gretchen! I love everything! Thanks for inviting me over. will be back soon


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