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Show Hi-Lites


Junk Bonanza Event 2010...

Junk Bonanza 2010 necklaces were a hit!
Ready to load my vehicles for the JB show.
Show space before the vendors began to set up.

This happy lady won a $50 gift cert for my booth, and chose the pc. she's wearing.
Margo came from Texas, and Tamarah all the way from Australia.
 Me working with a customer.
 These photos were taken during a slow day.
 A group of girl friends shopping my booth.
Trying to decide which one.

Neighbors in the Show and New Vendor Friends:
Mary, myself and Amanda at the Blogging Party after the first days show.
We're exhausted, but still snapping photos.
Karla and her Mom were on our other side as vendors.
 I couldn't of asked for better neighbors.

Blogging Party:

Me, Carolyn, Laurel, Angela (from New York) and Lanette
Junk Market Style gals

AA/JMS Events 2010
 w/Sue Whitney of Junk Market Style

So happy to be a part of this great group of people.
Contributors for Junk Market Style:
Kathy (Ohio), Gretchen (Mn), Sue (JMS owner), Laurel (MN), and Lani (MN)

My Vendor Spaces

 Spring 2010


Anthropologie Fashion Show during AA/JMS Event
 Sue - Mcing during the Fashion Show
My modeling debut.  They used the vendors, that's why made the cut. :)
The entire group of gals that modeled for the event.

Dinner Out with Vendors and Friends

 Group of vendors out to Olive Garden late one night after a show.
 Cassie, Andrea and Lynette aka JunkFest Gals from ND
 Missy and Cassie from JunkFest Gals, ND with me
 Janis from Canada with Missy and Andrea aka JunkFest Gals from ND
Kathy and Terri from Ohio

My Fabulous Helpers at The Show Events:

 Alayna sold my jewelry in California, Spring 2010
at an event prior to the AA/JMS Event.

My daughter, Emily, helped in my vendor space
for the AA/JMS Spring
and Fall Events, as well as for the Junk Bonanza Fall Event. 
She's quite the sales lady.  Thank you so much Emily!

 My best friend, Carolyn has been my right hand girl throughout 2010.
I couldn't of survived without her help.  Thank you so much!

Customer and Vendor Shots:
 JMS Contributors
 Spring AA/JMS Vendors
 These people make the event happen
Delightful customers like these two sisters,
 make the hard work worth it all. 
Vendor, friend and customer, Julie with me.

Fall 2010:
Me in my jewelry space at AA/JMS Fall 2010. 
Me, Jon (husband and soulmate) with Emily (our daughter and helper).
I couldn't do this without these guys help and support.
l to r:  Me, Sue Whitney, Lanette Lorsung and Laurel Putman
Junk Market Style Gals



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