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Thursday, February 26, 2009

"Treasures in Our Home"

Many of you that have read my blog, may be thinking that I am just a jewelry designer. Well, that is what I'd say I major in. I have minors in many other venues as well. I'd say junking, creating altered art, decorating, photography, flower gardening, repurposing vintage finds and creating projects are just a few of the things that keep my eventful life filled with fun. I can honestly say, "I'm never bored". How about you? This blog post will be to show just a few pieces that I've collected over the years and how I display them in our home. This is the style of decorating I love, but am still working on pulling our entire house together and am not near where I'd like to be. For now, this is what I can share with blog land.
This desk ($25 at a garage sale) sits along the east back wall of our livingroom, to the right of the atrium doors to our backyard. I have had this piece for close to 20 years now, and didn't have to do anything to it. The chair sitting in front of it, was plucked from the dumpster at our first apartment 20 years ago, and I gave it a new leopard upholstery job with black fringe trim. The twigs to the right were culled from a garage sale, as was the Pier One jug they rest in. The lamp with the fringe lampshade was also a garage sale find.
Mirrors are a favorite of mine, and I have so many currently that I'm not using about 6 of them, so will probably sell them at a new venture I will be soon blogging about. I love this mirror which was purchased at an Occasional Sale about six years ago.

I am a lover of vintage millinery flowers and paid $1 precious dollar for this white rose many years ago. The small vintage silver creamer is another one of those loves I have and the patina ed style is totally my taste. I've had this little creamer for five or more years. The little snow flake represents what it is doing in Minnesota once again today. Snowing!!!

I love the European/Parisian/Cottage style with the neutral color tones. This woman statue is an outstanding example of something that I've loved for most of my life. It has a story! When I was about 10 years old, my Grandma promised me that I could one day have this statue that was hers. I've loved it for 40 years and I have owned it now for about 18 years, as I received it when my Grandma passed away. My Grandmother said it was from a "Mrs. Brown" that was her neighbor in North Minneapolis and lived to be around 90 years old, and probably was born around 1880. I believe it is from France. Anybody have any ideas about it? This statue is very oranate and detailed. She has a birds nest with babies in her left hand, the mother bird on her right hand and a basket of flowers at her right side. There are no markings. I just love this statue and treasure it very much. It brings back fond memories of my Moms parents.

The previous post was a feature on the Carver, MN occasional stores and this cottage style white chippy paint table was grabbed up last Thursday for a mere $13.00. Yes, you read that right! Thank you Jane. I just love it, and it is now in a handy spot in my home, right next to the area that I photograph my jewelry photos using the morning natural light that comes in through our south bay windows.

A close up of the chippy white painted finish that is orginal to this table. Love this table and just the great look that it has.

I also bought this faux moss sheet at the same store last week for $2.50, the coral for $3.00 and the small silver bird was I believe purchased at a Wayzata shop called "Nature's Harvest". The silver dish has been in my possesion for many years, as has the silver heart shaped dish that is layered in the silver dish. I have always love cloches and this is just one of many in our home that protects and displays a lovely little find. I just love the little details!

This cabinet is an oak sewing machine cabinet, that I purchased for $50 quite a few years back, but really bought it for the cabinet only and got rid of the sewing machine. It is used for my business and holds paper products, ink, etc. I just love the carved details on this piece and painted it white and aged it to give it the look it has now.
I hope you enjoyed this post of some home decor photos for a change. I hope to have a mix on my blog with all of the things I love and makes up my style of living.


  1. You have quite a few beautiful pieces, Gretchen. I'm in awe of your $13 table! Wow!

  2. $13 for the table?! I love a great deal too! I really like everything you pictured, but especially the glass dome (cloche) and believe it or not recently purchased my first one at Pier 1. I searched most of Fargo looking for one (no kidding). Going back Tuesday and hope to stop at the thrift stores and find some treasures. Hubby will be with, so I hope he'll just nap in the pickup while I search! Andrea

  3. Great stuff! I love the way you're displaying things and the story behind the statue makes it that much better. You have to tell of the new venture your working on....tell, tell, tell!

  4. Thanks for giving us a peek at your decorating style, Gretchen! Always fun to see others' tastes...and I love your style! I'm eyeballing the vintage sewing cabinet!

  5. I couldn't find your e-mail so I'm posting a comment. I discovered your work when I was looking for a site for my local swap meet here in Arizona. At any rate, I wanted to ask you if you were familiar with the Stampington publications?? if you are then no more needs to be said. If you are not, your work would fit beautifully into several of their publications. That's what I thought when I saw your work anyway. They do altered jewelry, altered everything really. I tell you this because I am a mixed media artist and I've been published in several of their magazines. You should send some of your work in for publication if you have never done that before. Beautiful work by the way!


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