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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Jewelry Designs Specific to Me

Many of you readers are also artisan's that know what it is like when you design a piece, and it captures your heart and you just can't sell it. Well this is the case of these jewelry pieces in this post. They are from my private collection and two of them were actually specifically designed for myself, but I am so happy with them that I decided to share the photos on my blog.

Can you figure out why this piece was meant for me? Notice the words! Perfectly in tune with a jewelry designer, and it was actually started two years ago and sat and waited patiently for me to get out of a funk, recover from a whiplash, and invest in a pair of glasses. Whew! A two year wait! So alas, last week the vision came to me, and I started to design the necklace around this wonderful focal. So now your curious, right? You're thinking, I've never seen anything like this before. This may be true. I bought the entire stash of these beauties the moment I laid eyes on them at a Minnesota Occasional sale. I am of Swedish heritage and the baggies holding things stated that they had been purchased in Sweden and brought back to America and now were for sale. Yes! So this focal is a Vintage Swedish Chandelier Flat Back Crystal, lovely that it is.Just had to mix a little American in with the Swedish, so added the vintage chandelier spacer and vintage pearl and rhinestone jewelry elements in the choker length necklace layer.

I added a vintage redesigned strand of pearls and crystals with chain spaced in between and made it a two layered necklace. The gold toned bird is a Vintaj new piece created and patinaed to have that vintage feel. I just love wearing this piece.

I'm not the ideal model, but in an earlier post it was requested that I show a necklace being worn, and since no one else was available, this was a silly self portrait of the necklace on me while holding the camera in front of a mirror, so that I could get the photo. Poor quality photo, but you get the feel of the piece.

This is another vintage button necklace that I actually made to sell, but just loved, so couldn't part with it. The vintage tones of the fairy, the vintage olivine/black button, the vintage butter cream buckle and this cool key, just pull it together to be a keeper of a necklace.

Now this one is one of my all time favorite pieces I've ever kept for myself. The vintage button is so incredible with the raised up oval that is actually part of the background button and has these wonderful tones of burgundy/purple/grey/black/browns. Bought it, it arrived and is was a given to go with this special button (Paris button) I had just purchased to do something with for myself earlier in the week. The next layer up is a vintage glass crystal six sided faceted button and than finally I attached this wonderful vintage Paris Eiffel Tower button on the top of the crystal one. I've added a vintage skeleton key in the blackened tones to hang beside this piece. I just love these elements that came together to make a very one of a kind piece for me.

I hope you enjoyed this post.


  1. These are beautiful Gretchen! I can see why you'd keep them! It really helps to see them on someone too...just so one knows how low they hang. Thanks!

  2. Your necklaces are beautiful, I really like your vintage style. It funny how some pieces do capture our heart and we keep them.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love the necklace you are modeling! Beautiful!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous designs, Love them all!
    Many Blessings,

  5. Love that flat backed Swedish element---reminds me of a big fat teardrop. Or maybe an icicle drip the way things are going today?! Very cool!

    I am of good Minnesota Swedish heritage too!


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