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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Vintage Redesigned Necklaces

This necklace is one of my favorites. A lovely strand of vintage faux pearls linked in the chain with a vintage gold filigree focal base that has been layered with a vintage mens watch face and a new gold detailed bird accent. From the gold filigree piece a vintage chandelier piece drips with a vintage earring with rhinestones and a pearl center adds the final details of these lovely finds.
Necklace sold, but one similiar could be made.

The lovely vintage faux pearl chain is quite long on this necklace, so it could be layered with other necklaces if you are into that look. SOLD

Once again there is a vintage faux pearl chains that are linked to one another to form the first section of this necklace and then for the focal there is a vintage button layered with a vintage brass padlock, key, watch part and faux pearls to create a fun and unique layering on this piece.

Details of the vintage button assembly and all of the unique found items that make up this one of a kind design.

The second chain on this ensemble has an original funky tassle with faux pearls dripping from it. What a fun necklace to wear.

This necklace has a combination of about five vintage necklaces making up the entire piece. The white and pink color scheme is very feminine and the length is long and fun to wear. "SOLD"

There are three of these lovely flower sections on the side of the necklace to give an asymetrical look to this necklace. One more of these flower sections has been used in the center as a focal piece as well which is shown in the above previous photo, and was layered on a vintage glass button.

The closure of this necklace repeats the pink links that are also part of the lower part of the necklace.

A three strand series of vintage chains make up the outside part of this necklace and the inner chain has all been hand created to create this very unique and one of a kind treasure.

The locket is new, but looks vintage and the rest of the items are vintage brown flower shaped buttons, varying shades of ribbons, chain links, charms and vintage cracker jack prizes.

Vintage clasp, ivory pieces are of an airplane and cow with lots of detailing and are cracker jack prizes. Vintage ivory buttons have also been added to the necklace.

Notice the detailing of the cow cracker jack prize and the cool charms. This piece is mostly gold in color and earth tones have been added to it.

Vintage rhinestone piece with a gorgeous vintage unique shaped Swarovski crystal dangling bling. This chain is heavy duty and gold in color.

Simple, but stunning.

I apologize for the poor quality of photos in this post, but when one is taking photos with natural light and you live in Minnesota, unfortunately there are a lot of sunless days which account for poor lighting. I got a bit impatient waiting for the sun to shine, so took the photos on a dreary day and now I've got dreary photos. I've learned my lesson from this.


  1. gretchen,
    i just love all your jewelry pieces!! so glad i found your blog. i saw the photos of the vintage seed boxes, i've been collecting them for awhile now, i just love the beautiful color lithos. they were used in stores to sell/display individual seed packs. thanks for the sweet comment you left!!


  2. your collection of necklaces are awesome! i especially like the pearl chain necklace. you have great taste.

  3. What beautiful works of art your necklaces are!! I am so psyched about teaming up with Sue, can't wait. Wish you could be there!

  4. that cracker jack bovine is devine...

  5. Oh, no light? I know what you need! An Ott light!
    I bought one over a year ago because it's dark in the winter and I still like to do my macro photography. It really wasn't expensive at all. I think it was just over twenty dollars.

  6. Greetings from "next door" in South Dakota!

    Your work is just awesome---I will have to come back later when I have more time for a closer look....

    Your blog looks great! I am just getting my blog going also---finding it "interesting" since I don't know much about computers...

    I'll be back again soon!

  7. I'm back for another visit! Hope to have a little more time now...

    I especially love the necklace with the button paired up with that cute little vintage lock!! The button alone looks really cool!

    & the heavy chain on the last piece is just awesome!!!

  8. The designs and colors look awesome. Fantastic work!


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