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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Artful Blogging Inspiration

(Fireplace mantle headboard in our Master Bedroom)
Have you ever wondered what to post or what not to post on your blog? Is it ever a struggle to ponder the thought, "what if someone takes my idea and calls it theirs?" I am new to blogging, but I have found such generosity and kindness by the bloggers I've encountered thus far, that I am going back to my generous spirit. What does that mean you may be thinking? Most of you don't know me, but I can be generous to a fault and often in the past have devalued my art that I've created. Thus when I decided to start a blog, I was thinking I should be more conservative with what I put on my blog for the world to view, to protect my ideas and designs from others. That just has really caused an inner turmoil, so when I recently posted the blog post about my favorite jewelry pieces which were some of the items I was protecting, I went back to the old generous soul that I was born to be. Ahh, I feel much better now.

Now, here is what I find really cool. This week I purchased the latest "Artful Blogging" magazine and had the chance to read most of it last night. It was so inspiring to me that this exact issue that I have been struggling with was addressed by one of the bloggers that I'd like to share a few excerpts from this magazine from one of the artisans blogs that I have admired.

These words come from Dawn Edmonson of http://www.the-feathered-nest.blogspot.com/ . Wow, are they ever wise words. She writes the following paragraphs:

Many artists are afraid to share "too much" or are constantly worried that others may copy their ideas. I find that I actually WANT others to create what I'm making - or if I've learned something that works, it's so neat to pass that knowledge on.
Creativity is like the fishes and loaves story in the Bible ... as you share your ideas, they feed others' creativity and then they are inspired. They in turn want to make something wonderful and as they share, their creativity continues to encourage others and so on. Don't you agree? And even if you create something that I've made, yours will be YOU ... mine will be ME, as we all have our personal style and our artwork will always reflect that.

So don't ever hide your light, talent or ideas for fear of others "stealing" it away ... go ahead, give it away and you will be inspired to always be creating something new and wonderful to share that will be uniquely you.

So, thank you Dawn for confirming that I should continue to live a gracious life and to be the person God would want me to be. I just felt this was such a confirmation of what I had already decided in my spirit was the right way to approach things. I struggled for a month with this, but am happy my decision came before I read this new blog magazine, as I feel it is written just to me. If you know what I mean!
I just discovered a new blog today, and wanted to share her link. She has some awesome information about blogging on her site and it kind of goes with the jest of this post. Enjoy her blog when you have some extra time on your hands. Very inspiring. http://theinspiredroom.net/


  1. Wonderful post - perfectly said! Thank you.

  2. Isn't Dawn wonderful?!? I have to agree with her- to be truly an artist, you have to be free to show what you do. Copying sometimes allows us to learn another technique, and then expand our horizons. Kudos to you- can't wait to see your stuff!

  3. As new bloggers, my junk sisters and I had the same concerns. But at the same time...how rewarding to have the great opportunity to share the world of junking with others who love it the same. Hopefully others will respect it as we do.

  4. I agree with Dawn! Good choice on your part to share and show your work!!

  5. Thanks for sharing what Dawn said. We all create in our own unique way. Plus there are people that have other talents and aren't creative, and love us to make things for them.

  6. Great post and I love your perspective! Thanks for sharing this, and thanks so much for linking to me too. It means a lot!


  7. Hi Gretchen. You left a question on one of my posts prior to the Puppy Love Swap and I just saw it tonight. My son is a freshman at St. Cloud State and takes part in broadcasts on the campus station KVSC. Minnesota is so far from Kansas that he doesn't get home much and it means so much to me to hear his voice. One of my favorite places in the world is in Minnesota--Hopkins. It has such great antique shops. I'm still reading this issue of Artful Blogging--so many good things in it. Now, I'm off to check out the blog you recommended. So nice to "meet" you through the swap.

  8. Gretchen
    Really good information. It can really carry over into many aspects of ones life.
    Thanks for sharing such good information.
    Amazing how you struggle with something, really needing clarity and along comes the answer.
    Very powerful. I must say there must have been a prayer or two involved in this whole scenario.


  9. I've just recently found your blog and it is very inspiring to me! I create jewelry out of junk, too! I love learning from other artists & am always amazed that even with the same raw materials we all turn out unique items!

    Thanks for blogging!


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