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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Details Matter

This will be a short little blog about the imporatance of details. This pretty little package is on its way to Canada to a dear friend, Janis, whom I met through the Junk Market Style website http://www.junkmarketstyle.com/ . Janis saw my post earlier in January showing some of my first pendant necklaces and fell in love with two in particular, which are now being sent her way. I'm a bit frustrated, as it will be 2 weeks ago on Thursday since I sent this package to Janis, and she still hasn't received it. Very frustrating!

I chose to use black and white tissue paper to dress up this box for Janis, as she really loves black and white, as well as the color of pink and she's also a glitter girl. Thus the theme of this packaging. I started with the black and white strimed tissue which I glue down to the box (top and bottom) than I had dyed the pink ribbon in tea to give it the time worn feel, so grabbed a nice amount of that to wrap the box up with. I have included a glittery piece for extra bling which has a vintage window marker accenting it. The ribbon has new paper flowers glued down in varying spots to add a little extra detailing.
The detailed photo shot of the bling.

This mother of pearl pendant design as well as the cameo is so perfect for Janis and her romantic style, that she had to buy it when she saw it. Hopefully, she'll get it right before Valentine's Day.

A photo showing both of the pendants she purchased. The sterling silver earrings with the vintage rhinestone disco balls and white freshwater pearls should be a good match with both of the necklaces she purchased. I sure hope it arrives to her home safely in Canada.
Thank you Janis, for your purchase!


  1. Gretchen, your packaging is every bit as beautiful as the jewels your are creating!

  2. The box you sent my necklace in was just lovely! You do a wonderful job.

  3. Well my gorgeous package finally arrived and how excited I was to see how beautifully packaged my vintage treasures were. Gretchen you did an amazing and very appreciated and loved job on the packaging...all day I have been gazing at it. You are so very thoughtful in all the elements you used as you knew I would love each one. My jewelry is gorgeous and I so appreciate and love the earrings you included as a treat. Years ago I found a piece of vintage jewelry that had those rhinestone balls, but I used them in a project I sold and have always regretted not keeping them for myself....so that makes your earrings even more special to me. Thank you my friend!!!! I will always treasure your pieces.

  4. How pretty! I absolutely love the pieces Janis chose as well.

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