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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Creating for the "Flea Market Under Glass" Show

As I work my little fingers to the bone,
attempting to create enough jewelry for this upcoming show,
I am trying to remember that somewhere
 buried under a fresh foot of beautiful fluffy white snow,
 that the promise of Spring (flowers and grass)
is still here in our Minnesota landscape.

As warm weather starved Minnesotans,
we crave these signs of Spring,
in our homes,
adorned on our necks,
and in our front stoops, porches and walkways
outside our homes.

With this in mind,
I will plan to provide,
you my customers,
with some fun and fabulous treasures,
to help you get through the long
remaining Winter months.

Stay tuned for more peeks,
of new creations,
as I give my fingers a rest
from creating jewelry
and instead will edit photos to share.

Now it's back to creating for me...

Can't wait to see what the Lord
provides me in way of designing for this show.
It's going to be fun!!!!

Hope to see you there...
March 3, 4 and 5th!


  1. Very Pretty! Sorry about the snow - don't think I would do well in that part of the country. We could easily get more snow this Winter. I remember it snowing the middle of March here before.

  2. oh gretchen what a beautiful piece.we had about a foot of snow last weekend and drifted looked more like 2 ft. honey bear got to get the tractor out. snow warrior ;).

  3. Oh, I hear you,
    Gretchen! I'll be
    sure to look for
    you and your lovely
    jewelry. I'll be
    helping out Becky
    at her booth on
    Thursday : ) Let's
    hope it's a sunny
    xx Suzanne


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