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Thursday, March 3, 2011

"Flea Market Under Glass" Event Starts Today

Good Morning my lovely blogger friends. 
 It's 4 a.m. the day of the big event, and I cannot sleep...
What does a girl do? 
 She goes online and promotes the show...
truly, you will not want to miss this event.
My jewelry aside,
it is an incredible site to behold.
The entire place is rocking...
and you'd never know that it's still Winter.
Details of my Penny Doll Angel girl. 
I spent an entire evening,
creating the rosary style links
on this little precious girl.
She is being showcased...
on my angel manequinn.
A simple but fun necklace!
An ultimate mix of JUNK elements
are used to create this
Some fun
A few even humorous designs.
This one has the jist being...
vaccinate your dog
avoid the bullet.
The show is at Otten Bros. Nursery in Long Lake, MN
It's a fabulous greenhouse,
currently being used to house the
thus the garden inspired pieces.
My cabin was the inspiration
for this fun design.
take me away
to the 15,000 sq. ft.
Otten Bros. greenhouse
turned into an
indoor Minnesota
Flea Market extravaganza
which includes
wonderful JUNK
incredible displays
by Sue Whitney of Junk Market Style
and 40+ fabulous artisans
and vendor areas.
I even created some
vintage redesign
Bridal bling.
And beach inspiration...
yes, it will one day be warm again in Minnesota,
the snow will be melted
and we'll be romping on the beaches.

I'm off to Mexico for some
fun in the sun,
and ocean.

A girl needs some fun when she's ready to hit the big "50".
See you on the beach...
I'll be the gal with
for a week.

Don't worry,
I will still have my camera,
my inspiration magazines,
will have my nose on the ground,
looking for found elements to create with,
but inbetween the walks on the beach,
the playing in the surf,
and the fabulous food and drinks,
I will vow to slow down,
enjoy my family,
and catch up with
some reading.

Sorry for the quality of photos and lack of editing. I remembered at the last minute to take some photos with my cell phone, and borrowed them off of my facebook page.  Will try to post updated photos as the show goes on.  It runs today, March 3-5th and the link is provided above for more information.


  1. you are invited to follow my blog

  2. Poor thing..up at 4am? I hope you have tons of fun and take lots of photos and share since I'm nowhere close. And your necklaces are spectacular!


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