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Thursday, February 3, 2011

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Many of you that follow my blog are aware that I am just coming down from a Trunk Show held last Saturday. It was a wonderful event! I met a lot of great new customers, and of course always enjoy my loyal customers that make it to an event I show at as well.

However, I still have some great jewelry to offer for sale, and have listed it here on my blog for those of you out of staters that have been asking me to do so.
I had a wonderful display area to set up my vintage style props and vendor space.
As you can see I am a lover of chippy, peeling painted props.
Notice my sign I created using a window.
Notice my chippy shutters I use as a back prop.
I created all of my vintage framed displays using picture frames with burlap.
A few of my favorite jewelry pieces I created for this trunk show.  The "Believers Necklace" sold for $139 at the event, but the Eiffel Paris pieces is $89 and the Sterling Silver Religious Jesus Medal is $59 and are both for sale on my SHOP tab page of items available.
So much fun to create!
I'm always on the look out for unique, interesting display pieces.

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