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Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Story of a Jewelry Photo Shoot & Technique

Rings are $15-$16 each
I will have a variety of adjustable fashion rings that are recreated with vintage elements. 

All photographs of my jewelry in this blog post, were taken by Tracie of Tracie VanWechel Photography. Please do not reproduce or copy any of these photographs or jewelry designs. Thank you! To see more of Tracie's work, please visit her blog here.

Below you will find some more photos that I had professionally taken of some of my jewelry I've been working on for the upcoming events I'll be selling at. I am very happy with how these shots turned out and the creativity behind Tracie's work and watching her behind the lense of her camera was quite intriquing.

Please be sure to check out the previous two posts I've created, as the one shows the making of the Junk Bonanza giveaway necklace I'm providing, and the other tells a bit about Tracie's photo shoot of my jewelry.

  Boot/Bowling Necklace  - SOLD- $39.00

Notice the creative set up of this vintage wooden shoe form?  That is Tracie at work creating a cool photo shot of this Junk Bonanza style necklace with cowboy boot, bowling pin, bowling ball, heart and bling.  Love how she mimics the boot with photographing just the tip of the shoe form.  Now that is clever!!!

This photo shows more of my vintage wooden shoe form I was mentioning in the photo just above this one in which Tracie just made sure she only had the tip of it to make it look like a boot in that photo.  Here it is used as a prop to just lay a vintage redesign bracelet over the edge of it.    Bracelet is SOLD.
I love how Tracie took this necklace and used the edge of one of my many vintage display frames to drape it over its edge.  Again her creativity is amazing!  Above necklace is SOLD.
Car Necklace - SOLD $69.00
A more traditional photo of a one of a kind design.  Same necklace is in the below shot too.

  Car Necklace  -  SOLD

Like I said in this post, I really love how Tracie used her creativity in setting up the above photo.  It's so unique the way she draped it over the car, etc.  Such an out of the ordinary way to photograph a piece of jewelry, and hopefully one that people will remember and like.
Lg Glass Pearls w/Watch Face w/Bird Necklace - SOLD- $49.00

You will notice this vintage chippy hinge prop from this post.  Tracey grabbed this and used our back deck flooring to take this cool shot of one of my "Signature Pieces".  I continually try to create jewelry with the use of vintage pocket watch faces, with birds and/or another cool element in its center.  Sometimes I use pearls such as the necklace above with the watches, other times simple vintage chains, and other designs are more elaborate with a mix of elements included in its design, but you'll always find me creating this focal design.    I always have new customers discovering my jewelry, and this is hands down one of my most popular designs, so as a favor to new customers, I will try to always have a good surplus of pocket watch clock pieces.
Sigaut Necklace  - SOLD- $39.00

This piece is a combination of a damaged rosary chain, vintage tassle, SIGAUT perfume image created with a vintage eye glass prism and pocket watch case.  I love my vintage mannequin and you can read about the story of her unveiling here.
Gold Dble Strand w/Blue  - Available - $59.00

This piece was created with three seperate vintage elements and is now a lovely, classy two strand necklace. 
Tracie will be photographing the Junk Bonanza show this year, and will also have an interactive display booth during the event, so be sure to stop by her booth and find out more about this awesome gal.  Thanks again Tracie for the honor of working with you.


  1. I always enjoy looking at your jewelry. I'm not a big jewelry person, but maybe I need to be!

    As a regular reader of your blog, I wanted to let you know about Atticmag's new linky party - Giveaway Friday! It's a convenient place for bloggers to link their giveaways each week. Next time you have a giveaway, I hope you'll come over and link it up!

    We've kicked it off with a fantastic giveaway of our own. Five lucky winners will win material to do a back splash in their homes. Just leave a comment to register.


  2. hello dear gretchen!
    i'm so glad to have found your amazing blog through junk bonanza...your jewelry is absolutely amazing...so wish i could visit your booth...sigh...maybe next year right?!? :0)

    prairie hugs,

  3. Hi Gretchen!
    My teenage daughter
    and I are both
    swooning over your
    gorgeous designs.
    I'll be at Junk
    Bonanza as I'm a
    "local" and will
    most definitely
    look for you!
    xx Suzanne

  4. Enjoy visiting your blog. Love your creations! I worked on a necklace this afternoon, but I keep looking at it and I think it needs something extra.
    Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

  5. Found you via Junk Bonanza and so wish I would be meeting your at the show!!! Maybe next time!! Your jewelry is lovely and creativity divine!!!
    Blessings for a wonderful show!!

  6. Such lovely work. I'm a new follower.

  7. Hi I so love your stuff. You are so talented. I would love to own some. Thanks, Stanna

  8. oh my gosh Gretchen, what a wonderful world you have here!! i'm completely in love!! beautiful jewelry, beautiful junk... BEATIFUL... all around!!

    I can't wait to spend more time here.

    thanks for popping by my blogs.... so sweet...

    I'm sending you an email... xxo, kim

  9. Hi gretchen -
    Oh I am so happy to have found you. I'm adding you to my favorites so I can follow you. Your jewelry is gorgeous! I love the "267" necklace and beautiful bracelet in the 3rd photo. I won't be at Junk Bonanza...Do you have an Etsy account?

  10. Looking forward to JB. Would love to have one of your pcs... Save one for me...

  11. ~*~Im so thrilled I found your beautiful blog Gretchen!! You are so talented..LOVE your jewelry!!~*~*Rachel :)

  12. Love your jewelry. Do you have a website to order jewelry from? You have a wonderful blog.

  13. Stunning Gretchen...the pictures and the jewelry! Laurel

  14. Hello Gretchen....!!!

    I hope this note finds you well Lovey....!

    THANK YOU so much for your lovely comment recently re my pending US trip....I'm SO excited I swear I could burst....hahahahaha....!

    I'll be introducing myself to you FOR SURE....I'm after a special piece to celebrate my FIRST Junk Bonanza & I'm SURE you're gonna have JUST what I need....!!!

    13 more sleeps & I'm on my way....SHAZZAM....!!!

    Cheers for now,
    Tamarah :o)

  15. Great photos, and I love your jewelry!

    Thanks for stopping by my place as well...


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