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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Telling a Story... a Junk Bonanza Jewelry Photo Shoot

Telling a Story...
I am showing you the after photo first, as I want one of my favorites from this photo session to be featured at the top when my blog is shown on peoples side bar. A little secret for how to getting interest in your readership of ones blog.
I loved this vintage metal car way back, when I found it for sale at a local occasional sale shop.  I knew then that one day, it would be a great jewelry prop and that I would use it for display at the Junk Bonanza show.  You see I like to pave the way, and find unique and non average props for my jewelry pieces, and this show is such a great venue to do that with.
So when Tracey and I met for this session, she pulled out the car from my prop selections, grabbed this aqua number piece and set this fabulously creative shot up.  When I asked her about it, she explained that the #267 set up like this gives the illusion of a license plate on the vintage grey metal car.  Now how creative and cool is that?


Before shot is great in and of itself, but the after with the addition of the burn technique added to the edges of the photo, just really is the perfect technique to showcase my vintage redesign styled jewelry.  Would you agree?  I'd love to hear comments and feedback of your thoughts.

This photo is of the same necklace and I love it too, but the creativity that my photographer of choice came up with for the #267 with the car, just was such a cool idea and I love what she did in that shot of this necklace too.  It's amazing how your props and settings can make such a difference with the presentation of jewelry.

How lucky am I?
So lucky that I have a friend in my life named Tracie, of Tracie VanWechel Photography.  The photo shoot I had with her this week was at my home and we used our backyard, and my jewelry props to photograph some of the pieces I will have for sale this year in my booth, Mimi-Toria's Designs, at the Junk Bonanza

Jill is working for Junk Bonanza and is blogging about the upcoming JB show and featuring artisans and vendors that will be selling at the show. I wanted to have some great photos of my jewelry for this blog as  my vendor hi-lite should be coming in a future blog post.  I just emailed the photos to Jill today, so check it out on the JB blog in a week or so.

Tracie will also be the onsite professional photographer for the Junk Bonanza event this year working closely with Ki to capture all of what happens at the JB event behind the scenes, before the show starts and all of the flurry and activity during the shows event dates, September 16, 17 & 18th.

I bet the little boy or girl that owned this car years and years ago would of never thought one day that it would be a treasured jewelry prop for someone's business.  It makes me wonder who that former owner might have been?  Thank you Tracie for bringing the concept of telling a story about my jewelry or props to my blog readers.  I love this idea. 

More Tracie photos will follow in upcoming blog posts, so stay tuned for more...

I'm linking up this blog post with Gina over The Shabby Chic Cottage for her  Transformation Thursday today.


  1. Hi Gretchen!

    Your post will be up on Saturday! Great pics of your fabulous jewelry! Thanks for doing a giveaway, it is so appreciated.

  2. OK, now to tell you a little story. . . I turned my computer on, saying out loud, "I'm going to Gretchen's blog to see the new things she has probably posted. She just inspires me so much!" And, I was not disappointed! I love your new jewelry, the props, and especially the way your photographer has 'beefed up' or I should say 'vintaged up' your pictures! Great post, will be checking back soon for more inspiration!

  3. Grandioso, me encantaaaaaaaaa!!!!

  4. I really love your jewelry it is so unique! I especially loves the numbers, it is very unexpected!


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