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Monday, August 23, 2010

Oronoco Gold Rush Days 2010 - Part 2

The Goods...
Jewelry and Design Elements
Love the above pieces that I purchased for my vintage redesign business on Friday at the Oronoco Flea Market.  I paid a bit more than I would of liked to, but they were such great pieces, so went for it.  The two neutral colored pairs of earrings were from a 100 year old ladies estate.  Loved the patina on the bracelet, and the colors of these pieces, well lets just say they go with the European Romantic feel that I strive for in most of my designs.
Adored this cute little four leaf clover glass bottle stopper that I found in a junk box at the key guys booth.  Thanks Robyn for the heads up on these fun finds.
This gentleman had the cooooolest keys!  Robyn and I had a blast picking and choosing each of our own styles from his vast collection.  And they were a good deal tooooo.  How good?  I can't tell....
Gorgeous patina on this coin will be turned into a charm soon.
Loved these six keys and the special details they each have on them.
So cool!
Love the detailing on this key...
A beautiful religious charm...
Gorgeous blues on this vintage sweater clip and a cool chain section too.
#8 anyone???
Cool grunge on the "K" token.
During a 15 minute rain storm I was able stand under a tent filled with jewelry only. :)  Sorted through a junk plastic bin and came away with these treasures.  The dealer sold it for one lump some.  A good deal, not sure yet, but there are some cool elements to work with.
Details of the above photo.  Found some great beads, vintage bead caps, charms and misc.
This will be used in a personal design for myself.  It's a Mexican coin, and from the year I was born.  Ooops, now you know my age...as if I care. :)

Architectural Display Pieces and Hardware Finds

Before Photos:
The white architectural wood pieces were a gift from a vendor.  Thank you Cindy!
Love, love, love these treasures of vintage hardware I found to purchase.  Dirty, grungy, and ohhhh, so cool. Stop in at Junk Bonanza to see what I'm doing with them.
Loved the patina on these three hinges, so they came home with me too.  Stop in and check out my space at Junk Bonanza to find out where they end up and are given a new lease on life.

  After Photos:
I spent Saturday morning washing, air drying outside, and than poly coating all of these pieces to protect the customers clothes from any messes.  Now, they're ready to use and design with.
Washed up, dried and treated with a clear coat.
Love designing with these, but they are hard to find.  I hit the jackpot on Friday for these.
Notice the coolness of these.
Gorgeous patina on this one...
Love, love, love these babies.
Washed, dried, sprayed and ready to go.....
Chippy patina is divine.
So cool...
Thrill of the hunt!!!
Love this crusty hinge...
Another awesome patina on a hinge.
A very cool hinge with great patina.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.  Now plan to stop on over at the Junk Bonanza event in 3 weeks to see what I create with all of these new found treasures.  Show dates are Sept. 16, 17 and 18 at Canterbury Downs.  Check out this link to learn more.  It's going to be a great show!


  1. Oh my gosh!!!! Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous treasures you got at Oronoco! You are going to come up with some stunning pieces with all those gems.

  2. Hi Gretchen,
    thanks for stopping by and becoming a follower. I just LOVE your jewelry, you are truly talented! I don't know if you saw in my shell post that I showed one of your beautiful beach-y necklaces.

    All this vintage hardware is fabulous. Thanks for sharing it with us!
    I hope to see you again soon!

  3. Thanks Midge. I was sooooo excited when I came across the hardware finds. It truly made my week-end.
    Gail - thanks for visiting again. I hadn't noticed my necklace in your shell post, as I'd clicked to check out the other designer you'd featured. lol Thanks for your support and encouragement. The hardware was like I say, such a thrill.
    Turns out hardware isn't selling like it used to, so I found it cheap, cheap, cheap. So blessed!

  4. WOW... My eyes are popping out of my head. AMAZING find Gretchin. I willbe in Minn... I will look for your booth!


  5. gretchen, its been awhile. things starting to settle down finally. so what kind of camera did you finally get??? also would really like 1st dibs on what ever you create with the" one day at a time" coin. has a special meaning to me ;). also you really scored wonderful pieces i know you will turn them into amazing art ;)

  6. Hey Ang... be sure to introduce yourself when you come to Junk Bonanza and find my booth. All I know is that I'm inside, which means air conditioning, good lighting, near the bathroom and food areas. Yeayyy! I will be posting about my location on my blog once I find out the details.
    Are you coming for JB, Creative Connections or what? How exciting! This show is so awesome!

  7. Hey Colleen, thanks for visiting my blog. I will plan to save the "One Day at a Time" token for you then.
    I ended up buying the Nikon P100 Camera. A bit bulky, but does a nice job and I still have my daughters old tiny Canon point and shoot I can take in my pocket.
    Hope things are well with you.
    So excited about my newest treasures.

  8. Gretchen - what fabulous finds!!! I love all the rust and chippy stuff. I know you'll design some beautiful jewelry with them.

    You hit the "junkpot"!!!

    Love ya, Kathy

  9. Crapola! AWESOME finds, Gretchen! Wanna sell me one of those key lock pieces so I can throw it on a chain? Seriously. I'll see ya at JB.


  10. gretchen i visit your blog almost daily i know i dont leave comments very often tho. came to minn end of july so busy the road conditions around minniapolis were increadible we were pulling a 23 ft toy hauler. so wanted to stop and see you but it got nuts in a good way ;). but my camera [10 yrs old] pretty much bit the dust so we are looking for a new one. we actually are going to get 2 a inexpensive point and shoot and a nicer canon . wish i could come to junk bonanza but getting a new roof . i see junk sophisticate is moving to az. so hope to meet her some day. later colleen

  11. Your bounty of vintage hardware made me swoon! *wink* What a lucky gal you were to score so much Salvage Treasure!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  12. These are very cool pieces! I'll be coming up to Junk Bonanza, so I'll see you there!

  13. Kathy, Andrea, Dawn and Erica - thanks for your comment and visit to my blog about this fun adventure in Oronoco. Such a fun place to be...
    Erica be sure to look me up at Junk Bonanza and please, please introduce yourself. Andrea, so excited to see my 4 ND blogging buddies at JB in 3 weeks.
    Kathy and Dawn, get your bodies to Junk Bonanza too. :)

  14. I was back to shop Oronoco Gold Rush this year after a 10 year absence. You know I had a ton of fun. But I was looking for escutcheons like these, so bummed that I missed them. Can't wait to see what you create with them.


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