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Saturday, June 22, 2013

GetFresh Vintage - an Awesome Shop with a Gem of a Surprise

GetFresh Vintage - JunkMarkets Little Sister
A beautifully styled shop in the heart of downtown Lanesboro.  Junk inspired with creativity at every vantage point within the shop.  I'm sure the locals are amazed with the ubber talented owner, Sue Whitney, and her unique offerings outside and within this little gem in their small town venue.
For example... This hog crate turned garden terrarium.  My sister lived seeing this idea, as she and her husband were pig farmers for years, and she just so happened to have several of these in her she'd on their farm.  So beautifully styled!
Notice the details?  Sue gets this concept and foes it in big ways with everything she creates and styles for her customers.  This window dressing is just one example of that.
Who would of thought a roll of rusty fencing could make such a statement, while being re purposed into a pillar plant stand?  Sue did.
Entrance into this beautiful side garden and garden she'd edition to the GetFresh Vintage shop is new to the venue this year.  Such a surprise in the middle of town.  The not so secret version if the secret garden.  There are little surprises everywhere you look within this small alley like garden area.  May of been my friend Carolyn's favorite part of our visit to Lanesboro.
Details...such as an over glowing abundance of flowers on these pillars, surely added to the beauty of this photograph.
Fairy garden planted in a bird bath make up visual beauty to behold.
Unique galvanized farm items re purposed into unique flower planters, which are than for sale to tuck into your own gardens.

This display was a picnic set up within a canoe.  How perfect for a river town known for its great canoeing?
This photo shows canoe not set up yet, due to all of the rain filled weather early June had brought to Minnesota, however the photo above shows it in its glory all set up to inspire.
The shop offers a great variety of garden display pieces outdoors along this meandering garden, within the garden building and also with the inside of the shop.
Even the wire bike basket received a healthy dose of Sue's detailed styling talents, with a burlap liner, tied with jute on the corners and than filled with flowers and pussy willows.

As you can see, this town and shop are beckoning to those that want to step back in time, enjoy the great outdoors, be inspired by one of the inventors of Junk re purposing than head to this gem of a town.  Lanesboro here you come!

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