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Friday, June 21, 2013

Destination Lanesboro and GetFresh Vintage

Part 1 - Introduction to GetFresh Vintage's Surroundings and Why a Must Visit is in Order.  If my iPhone photos don't draw you in, than nothing will.  I tried to capture a small taste if the beauty this area holds.
Have you ever been to the Root River Valley town of Lanesboro?  If not, and you live in the Midwest, it would be the perfect week-end destination this Summer or Fall.  It's my new FAVORITE Minnesota town.
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I am fortunate to be blessed with the opportunity to have my Mimi-Toria's jewelry represented and for sale in this quaint and picturesque town.  Thus, last week my friend went with me to drop off a release of my Mimi-Toria's jewelry for the GetFresh Vintage Shop.
Lanesboro, was all but becoming a ghost town in the 80's, when someone came up with an idea for reviving their town.  And revive it did....
In 1893, this cool metal bridge was constructed over the Root River in downtown Lanesboro, and it now is a recreational bridge for bikers, roller bladers, walkers, roller skiers, runners and inquiring minds to discover.
This bridge had a wood board walk surface, but the rest of the beautiful tar trails are blacktop.  The once railroad tracks had been abandoned, and the brilliant mind came up with the idea to turn them into a trail for recreation purposes.  This trail was the first if its kind in the state if Minnesota, and turned a once failing economy into a thriving tourism filled community.
The Root River running through this River valley town, also adds to the ambience of its beauty and brings another draw to its sweet town.  Right in town there are canoes, kayaks and tubes for rent to use and access the river with.  A great adult get away or one for the family that plays together and likes adventure.  
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So it is was these vital draws of the river fun and beautiful and vast trail system that initially drew in the tourism and the throngs of people.  My friend, Carolyn called this a Mayberry type town.  Notice the beautiful architecture of these beautiful buildings.
This building now houses fine dining while in town.  There is also a professional theatre that I highly recommend, as well as a local theatre group as well.  No movie theaters or fast food places though.  
A winery is located in town down near the bridge I shared photos of earlier in this post, so you might want to consider checking that out if that is of interest to you.
At noon on a Friday, mid June, the people were just starting to converge in the variety filled downtown shopping district.  #Lanesboro
As we left town, my weakness got the best of me, as I was drawn into this delightful ice cream/candy shop.  I drove off out of town with a dish of Key Lime Pie ice cream, which was delicious.  A must stop for families with kids!  There is a very quaint area alongside if the building with a lot if tables and chairs to sit and eat your ice cream, while taking in the bustle of activities surrounding you.
A few more shops on a side street location.  There is a menagerie of beautiful materials used in the construction of these late 1800 and early 1900's buildings, which of course I had to capture as well.
One of the styles of brick used in the buildings construction.  This particular wall was intriguing.  Notice the close up photo below.
Each brick had a persons name etched into it.  I had never seen this done before and made for a great photo op.
Another brick wall that caught my eye...
Oh, the stories these walls could tell, if only the could talk.
This stone is used in a number of buildings, such as the fine dining restaurant as well as 'The Old Mill Inn' shown below.  The inn has an open tour policy and has a very interesting historical story to it.  It was fun to your, and would be a comfortable lodging location while visiting Lanesboro.  The town is filled with quaint B & B's, inns, lodges and camp grounds.  No modern hotels here, but a neighboring town of Preston does have a chain hotel for lodging, if you prefer that.
           Stone Mill Inn in Lanesboro
Notice the fresh raised bed veggie gardens to the right?  This is at the end of a town block.  So cool, right?
I'm not sure who is tending this garden, but it sure looks healthy and yummy.  There is a small food coop for healthy food options in town as well.
There was even a telephone booth to add to Lanesboro's ambience of going back in a time that was non technology filled and a slower pace of living.
I will share in another post more about Lanesboro in another post, and more specifically about my favorite shops in town.

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