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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Creative Inspiration

Nature is strongly influencing my creativity in jewelry design this spring.  As I force myself to take better care of myself by eating more nutritious foods, going for walks and/or jogs in the woods, I am forcing myself to stop and enjoy the beauty that God has given us to enjoy.   I am surrounded by so much inspiration if I am willing to take the time to even get outdoors to take in the natural beauty and exercise my much needed muscles and joints.
Can you even imagine how many years ago that someone might have carved this heart with the TJ within it on this tree bark?  So cool, and a sign of love.  It is located alongside of a walking trail in a large nature Park Reserve that we use, and is conveniently located right outside of a large Urban City.  I 💚 this about Minnesota! There are acres and acres of free parks, trails and beautiful lakes throughout Minnesota.
I came upon this moss filled decaying picnic table, which is a 'gem' of a find, within a thick woodland Park out near our cabin.  As I was working out slowly trying to build my muscles and joints from walking, to a light jog and eventually to running, I was jogging on this grass trail, when I happened upon this treasure.  It brought me to a screeching halt, stopping me in my tracks!  I just had to stop and photograph it with my iPhone.  It was simply such a rare find, a found treasure in hiding, a little gem of unexpected pleasure, that I knew I wanted to capture it for longevity.  

Would you of noticed this too?  Or would you be so focused on your exercise that you'd run right past it and not give it a second thought?  Maybe, you are like some of my extended family and think its junk, and not good junk, like most of us bloggers are in the love of treasuring...
Nature I've found, is truly all about the details.  Once again the inspiration for 'Mimi-Toria's Designs' is  nature and the detailing of it, this is how I have always chosen to create with a lot of extra details.  I will  often even add time consuming little unexpected surprises into a design, and work adding these treasures and surprises, until I feel The Lord gently prompting and showing me its time to move onto the next creation.  To me, my business is less about the time and pay per hour, but more providing a one of a kind well loved design for my customers.  
So it is with the birth of a baby foal to its Mother, each Mimi-Toria's Design I create has come from deep within me.  I truly believe that each piece I create for my business, has been predestined for a customer that the Lord already has picked out ahead of time.  I have learned this over time, as I've gained confidence in who I am in Him, and who I am in the jewelry design business, and through my customers testimonies, that my jewelry most often calls to them, speaks to them in some way, to be purchased and become a part of their life.  My customers know that each piece I create has a little piece of "Gretchen Schaumann" that goes with the design and that it was made with love and prayers for its future owner.  

I am blessed that for 17 years, He's chosen to use my jewelry design business as a way for me to be sharing God's love, and I will continue to trust Him in the creative process, and be even more mindful in the days ahead of His leading in my business and personal life.

Do you find yourself drawn to anything in particular while creating?  My mind is busting wide open, but my hands have been too idle.  Time to get them banging out some love...


  1. Nice post and photos! Thanks for sharing.
    I also am trying to do more walking (no jogging).
    I posted about a picnic table in the woods today also. :D
    Hope you are having a great week.

  2. What a beautiful post! I love that old picnic table! I wonder how many families ate there over the years, the stories they told while dining, the little ones racing around in circles. Things like this always get my attention and are such treasures to find! Thank you for sharing! Hugs, Leena

  3. I love the tree design. I think it is so sweet when someone declares their love in that way. I feel inspired after looking at the pictures you have posted. The hidden picnic bench was a sure treat.

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  4. Having a limited set of tools forces you to be creative; it really challenges you to use what you have to produce the desired results. As a result, you’ll get incredibly good with that small set of tools and refine your use of them to a point you can do anything you like with them.

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  5. It seems that the picnic table has been left unused for many years and from your photograph it became a part of the surrounding vegetation, likewise, you captured a great and rare photo.
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