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Monday, January 19, 2009

Vintage Style Earrings "SOLD"

Have you ever tried to do a photo shoot with a helper? How about a four legged helper? Every time I set my stuff out to start photographing, our helpful cat, Coco Chanel, just always has to be right there sniffing and being a part of the action. She is such a funny cat.

These earrings started out with a vintage gold filigree finding that has a vintage mother of pearl mosaic piece that was a never used piece which was purchased through ebay. They have been glued to the filigree setting and than are attached with 14 kt gold filled jump rings and lever back earring findings.

I've been trying to get some earrings up on my blog per a viewers request, but just haven't been able to until now. Although there is only this one style at this point I will try to add more in the days ahead. It is much more time consuming, now that I am editing all of the photos before posting them, working part time, a contributor on the Junk Market Style site, working on projects for the JM site, designing and creating jewelry, a wife, mom to a busy 14 year old daughter, as well as trying to wash the clothes and clean the house when I have time. Ha! The lives we women try to maintain. It's crazy. So please be patient and don't give up on me yet.

Here's a side note for my Junker friends that follow my blog.
Note the awesome chippy aqua vintage wood plynth block that I've used for my photo shoot. This was a great find, as I use it in my homes decor when I'm not using it for photography.
In the top two photos the velveteen muted gold piece of fabric was purchased at the same Occasional sale that I bought the great little girl photo I have shared with you all in the previous post. These great items I found is what I love about combining junking and jewelry design. The vintage feel of my jewelry is just set off best with the warmth of old pieces.
"One Persons Junk, is Gretchen's Treasures".


  1. Very unique blog.
    Beautiful pictures. Wow...

    Please visit:

    Keep blogging.
    Let's share to the world.
    Good day.

  2. Love the earrings, Gretchen. And your kitty is beautiful too. If she is anything like our cat was, she loved to find the newest material laying about and snuggled up on it. So sweet.

  3. You're right Candy, Coco has to check out new materials brought into the house. You should see her checking out the piano music rolls.
    Thanks for your nice comments about my blog. Would you consider adding my blog to your side roll on yours? I'd love to get more people directed to my blog, so that I could host a give away next month. Thanks for the consideration

  4. Thanks Bali for your nice feedback. Come back often and let me know what you'd like to see more of. This blog is only 2 weeks old, so the direction it heads isn't set in stone.
    I'll visit your site later today. Thanks for visiting, and please send anyone you think might enjoy my blog on over to check it out.

  5. Beautiful earrings, sweet cat and clever name! And I LOVE your photo props! Junk is so multi-functional!!

  6. hi, italianpeasant from junkmarket :)lovely blog; check out my blog. gio

  7. Good Morning Gretchen....I had to laugh as when I first looked at the gorgeous earrings I thought..Oh, I have to ask her about the backdrop in the picture and I see you have a note about it farther down. The earrings look beautiful. I emailed you a button picture I thought you would like.

  8. Very lovely earrings! Adorable kitty!

  9. Now I see what that blue chippy "what ever it is" actually is! HA! HA! What a lucky find! That is really neat! I use part of an old wooden door for many of my photos---I can shoot either on the bare wood (very weathered) or else use it to lay material or paper backgrounds on---works fantastic!

    Love your cat! What a sweetie! 4-legged helpers are the best. My cat, Kitty, loves to help me dig thru fabric....

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