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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Button Pendant Details

An eggsample of several of the vintage element pendants.


Truly wonderful treasures being used in these peandants.

Love Me Loves Me Not Pendant

This lovely button collage with the daisy flower was created with an anchor of a vintage black flat button that had a vintage mother of pearl button layered on top of it. The next layering is a lovely buttercream colored daisy that I removed the center from it, so that I could add the white freshwater pearl as its center.

It will be finished off with a black leather cord for the necklace. A one of a kind design created in the my studio. SOLD

Grey Skies and Snowflakes Pendant

This pendant is created with another fabulous vintage mother of pearl button in charcoal grey which has a lot of great color to it. A vintage black button is layered next, with a very detailed vintage glass button. A vintage white mother of pearl button with hand carving is added as the final focal in this piece.

A simple black leather cording would make this a stunning piece to wear.

Midnight Sparkle Pendant

The creation of this pendant started with a stunning large vintage dark grey mother of pearl background button which has a gorgeous clip on earring attached to its front. This layer has beautiful sparkle with the vintage aurora borealis Swarovski crystals catching the lights and reflecting a mix of colors as well as the attention grabbing bicone jet (black) Swarovski crystals that are accented with tiny grey seed beads that pick up the background coloring of the grey button.

This is an attention grabbing pendant which will come with a black leather cording to wear as a longer piece for the layering look.

Black vs. White Pendant

This pendant is simple, but yet bold. I created it with a wonderful vintage black very detailed hand carved button as the anchor for this pendant. The stunning intricacy of this vintage hand carved mother of pearl flourish was all this pendant needed to make it a done deal.

Simple, but elegant. In the case of this pendant, less really was more.

It would look fabulous at choker length, or could be worn longer for the layering affect. A leather cording of your length choice is included.

A Symbol of My Faith Pendant
This is just a very cool pendant. This photo does not do it justice. The anchor vintage black button is very large with intricate geometric carvings in it, which is why it is not centered. I wanted some of this fabulous carvings to be show cased and not hidden by the other elements added to this pendant.
The 2nd layer is a vintage mother of pearl white button, layered with a unique vintage red square button, layered with a vintage mother of pearl piece and the icing on the cake is this fabulous vintage rhinestone cross.

The gospel is represented in this piece. Black represents our sin in our lives, red represents the blood Jesus shed for us, the cross represents that he laid down His life for us, and the white is representation of our hearts being washed white as snow.

Snowflake Pendant

The anchor piece on this beautiful snowflake looking pendant is a vintage black hand carved button that feels like it could be another bakelite button, but I'm not sure. The gorgeous vintage mother of pearl snowflake or pointsettia flower is so detailed and has a great release of color to it.

This would be great as a choker style necklace or a longer one with layered necklaces. Black leather cording included.

Glitter Styling Pendant
I just really love the look of this pendant and the photos surely do not capture the essence of this pendant.
It is created with a muted olivene green vintage anchor button, layered with a vintage ivory button and topped off with a vintage fabulous focal button.
The top focal button has a lot of colors (purple/sage green/chocolate brown) in it with a mix of glitter inside the creation of this button. I purchased a few of these fabulous focal beads this past Fall in an Antique shop in Peoria, Illinois. They had wonderful button treasures there. A brown leather cording would look best with this pendant.

Romantic Cameo Pendant

This pendant is fabulous! I just think it is stunning and is definitely once in a life time find. I started the design of this piece with romance in the plans. I used a wonderful large vintage white mother of pearl button as the anchor button. To this button I attached a very rare vintage black scalloped button that give the feminine feel to the overall design of this pendant.

Now for the focal, I came upon a wonderful vintage earring that already had the cameo and rhinestone attached as part of its design, which was perfect for the overall feel of this pendant.

A black cording at a choker length would be an outstanding choice for this design. SOLD

Coffee with Cream Pendant
If you are a lover of brown, than this is a great pendant. I just love the looks of it, and apologize that the photo is a tad blurry.

This pendant is created with a large vintage chocolate brown button and layered with a fabulous shabby chic looking found vintage embellishment. The rhinestones on the flower are original and all intact.

This of course would be fabulous with a brown leather cording for its necklace.

Charcoal Grey Swirl Pendant
Once again this is a gorgeous pendant. I haven't captured its true essence with the camera. It is a lovely charcoal vintage grey mother of pearl button that is the anchor piece with a fabulous vintage clip on earring that has all original rhinestones intact.
This is truly lovely and would look fabulous layered with other jewelry on a longer black leather cording.

Marooned Without a Faith Pendant

This is a very cool pendant that started its life with a vintage dark maroon carved button as its foundation. I then attached a vintage square beveled mother of pearl embellishment and completed the design with a wonderful vintage rhinestone cross as its focal. A lovely piece that would look great with a black leather cording. SOLD

I have many more pendants that I haven't posted, so if you don't see something that grabs you, let me know. I have plans to design and create more of these one of a kind creations and if you prefer brooch/pins to a pendant necklace that could be done as well. However, once the findings are attached to a collaged design, it can't be removed, so contact me if you'd prefer the brooch option. gretchen.schaumann@comcast.net

A Star is Born

This pendant is more gorgeous in person, as the photograph just doesn't show the color that it reflects off of it. It is truly unique and a one of a kind creation. I have never before or since found such an incredible star button such as this pendant has in its found elements.

I've taken another fabulous vintage grey mother of pearl large button and used it as the anchor piece, which I then added this chocolate brown wonderful vintage star button and accented it with a small vintage mother of pearl grey button that picks up the same colors as the large anchor button. A fun piece to wear.

This could be used with a chocolate brown or black leather cording. SOLD


  1. Another great bunch! You are one busy, busy lady!

    The Charcoal Grey Swirl pendant is especially cool! Very nice!

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