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Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Natural High

Just a little update...
the FMUG
(Flea Market Under Glass)
event was

Who would of thunk it...

We were given the go ahead
after a successful pre-event
in the form of a 10 vendor trunk show
held January 29th...

Sheyenne and Sherri drove 12 hours each way from Montana to shop this show.  They ended up renting a trailer to bring their wares home, as their pick-up wasn't big enough.  They have great taste...fun style and are the sweetest ladies ever...  They each bought a fun necklace from me and have keepsakes from their experience here.  I know they'll be back again soon.  They were SOLD on the event Sue created.
Sheyenne chose this fun necklace as her wearable keepsake from the show.
"Penny", my penny doll necklace I created for the event, found a good home.
Penny and her new owner.  See that smile?  Penny was making her smile.  You see 2 years ago the Minneapolis Star Tribune did an artisan expose' about me as a jewelry designer whom was re purposing and creating jewelry with found elements and vintage finds.  Another penny doll I created a necklace out of and was named Claire was featured in that article and this lovely lady saw it in the newspaper spread, and came to the Junk Bonanza event to purchase her.  She was already sold to another customer and this lady was sooooo sad.  Fast forward 2 1/2 years and you're at the "Flea Market Under Glass" event.  Another artisan had Penny for sale and had turned her into an ornament.  I changed her up with a restyled outfit, new accessory bling I prefered, added the wings, took her down to the bare doll again and reattached the items I kept and added the new, wire wrapped arms for her to hang from and took vintage faux glass pearl beads and made rosary style links with them to create the chain portion of her.  I then added a cool padlock style toggle clasp and she was ready for the sale.  I spent an entire night creating the pearl/linked chain portion while watching the only TV show I ever watch each week, "the Bachelor".  Now, how fun is this story?  Customers like this lady and her excitement to find "Penny" which by the way, she loved better than the origianl doll necklace I had made, is what makes my business so much fun for me.

Talk about loyalty...
This photo is of me on the right, and Susan on the left.  I am changing the length on a necklace for her.  She and her husband got up at 3 a.m. to drive here from out by Green Bay, Wisconsin to come to the show to see me, as well as the other vendors.  They are friends I met while selling with Sue at other events and they've been wonderful customers and now friends through the Junking industry events I'm a part of.  Now how lucky am I?  Thank you Pat and Susan for making the trip.  I hope you weren't disappointed and enjoyed yourselves.      (photo courtesy of Pat McClearney-husband of Susan)

in 4 1/2 weeks
FMUG event
was brought to you...
courtesy of a fabulous
Otten Bros. team
along with the
brain child of the incredibly
Ms. Sue Whitney of
Junk Market Style.
A large area in the middle of the greenhouse was staged and created by the outstanding talented Sue Whitney of Junk Market Style.  These design styled areas were a wonderful addition to the overall experience of the "Flea Market Under Glass" experience and these living spaces helped people to be educated on re purposing JUNK treasures and turning elements into unique accents and useful items in their home decor, garden decor, etc.  This particular photo showcased an outdoor living space and was filled with wonderfully creative inspiration....

Notice the incredibly FRESH ideas for displaying your FRESH plants?
All FRESH plants were courtesy of OTTEN BROS. NURSERY
whom hosted this fabulous event.
 Me in my vendor space...Day 1.
My dear friend, Laura, came and worked for me on Thursday.  She was a huge help.  Thank you Laura...

Than you throw in a mix
of 40+ hand picked junk vendors
along with a sprinkling of
fabulously talented
Artisan vendors
finally add the incredible
networking that the Otten group did,
Junk Market Style Events,
incredible vendors
the added boost of KARE 11 TV
filiming onsite and running
segments of 2 minute snippets
and it all
the most incredible
opportunity ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Karla (left) was a vendor and friend I brought into the show and Carolyn (right) is my loyal friend and helper.  Carolyn worked with me on Friday, and arrived the night before from a FL vacation and still helped me out.  Amazing friends I'm blessed with.   I love you ladies!
 One of the pieces I created Friday night, which SOLD on Saturday.
 SOLD this morning on Facebook.


More details will follow
in future posts.

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  1. Congrats. on a successful event. I would loved to have been there.


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