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Friday, March 5, 2010

My First "Vintage Black Friday"

I am thrilled to be playing along with "Vintage Black Friday" today.  It is my first time partaking and I'd love to share a few of my favorite treasures that are black, and/or very close to black.  These are some of my favorite things I have in my home.
I adore this lady statue.  I've been told she if French, but I really don't have a clue.  It was my maternal Grandma's and she was gifted it from a 90 year old friend, about 45 years ago.  That is all I know about it.  She is one of my favorite things in my home, and in case of a fire I would try to rescue her.  Notice the fabulous detailing in the basket of flowers, the babies in the bird nest and the bird on her finger.  I love it!
Thanks goes out to the French Cupboard for hosting this fun sharing theme.
I love this bird, and have had it for about 40 years or so.  It was my paternal Grandmothers, and was found in my parents attic when I was just a wee young child.  It was destiny that I should become a jewelry designer even back then.  I always found cool vintage beads to collect and make things out of even when I was 7 or 8 years old.  If you've never been to my blog before, spend some time and check out some of my jewelry designs I create out of vintage and found elements.  Designing jewelry is my passion.

Jewelry I Design

Some black examples of jewelry I create out of vintage elements.

I love old clocks. 
I try to pick them up when they're really cheap. 
 Love the patina of these neglected time pieces.
 This poor Big Ben has seen its better day.  However I love the patina, the broken hand and the discoloration of this poor clock.
Our mascot.  No real puppies at our home, so instead I have this little Scotty Dog statue guarding our home.
These are my ultimate choices to represent my very Vintage Black Friday.
Welcome to my blog thanks for joining me!


  1. Glad you joined in VBF.... The Statue of the Lady is Beautiful, now off to check out your Blog ~ Looks Wonderful~

  2. Love your black friday finds, I wish I could tell you one that I like best but I just can't, I tried, but I like them all!


  3. OK, first things first... love the clocks, i collect them too. I love, love, love the jewelry the watch faces are awesome :0 i hope you have some plans for this weekend to get out and have fun.


  4. Love all your items and your jewelry is lovely!

  5. Love it!...the black certainly does add interest, doesn't it?

  6. Hello Gretchen ... it's a pleasure to meet you here at VBF ... I'm so happy you've joined in and are sharing your bounty of treasures with all of us!!

    The statue is a welcome reminder Spring is on it's way ... you've done a wonderful job with all of your little birdies sprinkled through out your post ... sweet!

    Happy VBF .... hope to see you next month!


  7. I love the statue and your jewelry designs are so yummy! I've got to learn to make my own. I have so much vintage jewelry that I need to do something with!

    Welcome to VBF!


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    don't quit and keep writing due to the fact that it just worth to follow it,
    looking forward to look at more and more of your current stories, thankx :)


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