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Monday, March 15, 2010

I won the giveaway at Simply Stated

Rebecca at Simply Stated put on a fabulous giveaway a few weeks ago, and guess who won?  It truly is amazing, but it was me. :)  My first time I've ever won, so I was quite surprised to say the least and thrilled to no end.  Thank you Rebecca for such a wonderful surprise.  Be sure to check out her blog at the above link.
When we left a comment for the giveaway, we were asked to go to her favorite coffee shops online store and pick whatever we would like from their online store in case we were the winner, and I chose a detox tea. I didn't give it too much more thought and than she notified me a few days later saying I was the lucky winner.  So here is what her wonderful giveaway consisted of.
  A box loaded with treasures...
  This is the bounty... 
The daily detox tea I chose, a Simply Stated coffee cup, coaster, and individual tea strainers that work very slick for the tea.  I've not seen a product like this before, and I'm loving these.
Simply Stated canvas bag.
  Latest issue of Romantic Homes magazine.
Beautiful notecards that Rebecca has taken.
Gorgeous prints that Rebecca has taken as well.  Love the quality of these.
Cute black house frame that ties in perfectly with my kitchen black decor.
Homemade jam, recipe for scones and a coaster for my tea too.

I just loved everything she included and wanted to give a shout out to her and her wonderful blog today.  Take a peak, you'll enjoy.  Thanks again, Rebecca for such a sweet gift.  I just love the detox tea.



  1. I was just at the coffee shop this morning getting my favorite and thinking of you. Been wondering how you liked the tea...So happy you like it. Have a great week! ;-) ~ Rebecca

  2. Lucky girl you!!! Who doesn't like receiving a parcel, we're never to big for that:-) Enjoy!!


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