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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

500 Fan Giveaway on Facebook

Giveaway for Mimi-Toria's Designs is officially closed!

Drawing will take place later today and winner update will be posted on my blog as well as facebook personal and business pages.  Thank you for all of your loving, sharing, and encouragement you've all given me and my business through this giveaway.  Good luck to everyone that shared, posted, liked, tweeted, pinterest joined, twitter joined, etc., etc.   There are a lot of entries...  So excited to find out who the lucky person will be.  $75 value giveaway

Welcome to Mimi-Toria's Designs blog page.  I hadn't intended on doing the giveaway here, but when I did some more research on google to set up the giveaway, I quickly found out a whole lot of rules and dos and don'ts that facebook has regarding giveaways, so decided to switch it to my blog instead of losing my years of hard work building up a facebook page.  They can eliminate a facebook page completely if their very strict rules weren't followed exactly.  So thus I have switched it to my blog.  So very sorry for the extra work that has caused any of you my old and new fans alike.  I should of researched this more carefully ahead of time, but unfortunately didn't. 

So let's get on with the giveaway:
Good luck to all!

One person will win the above prizes, which include:
1.  Starbucks $10 Gift Card
2.  Mimi-Toria's Designs original one of a kind vintage redesigned necklace as shown on ball chain
3.  Mimi-Toria's Designs original pair of vintage redesigned French hook earrings

Total value of giveaway is: $75

Here's what you'll need to do to have your chance to win these gifts.  You may enter as many times as you'd like and than leave a comment below to let me know what you did.  You do not have to leave separate comments for each thing, just tell me how many times you qualify.  

1.  Become a fan on my blog and leave a comment that you are new to my page
2.  Join my pinterest business page at:  http://pinterest.com/mimitorias/
3.  Follow me on twitter at https://twitter.com/GretchenofMimis/
4.  Let me know that you are a follower of my facebook page of Mimi-Toria's Designs
5.  Share about my giveaway on any form of social media and let me know

I will enter your name in for the drawing 1 time for each way you choose to help me promote my business. 

Thank you for taking the time and again, I apologize for having to safely move my giveaway to this format instead of facebook.  I just couldn't risk losing my page over a giveaway gone bad.

Please check back here for drawing winner on February 3rd, when I will announce the winner.
I will also try to sneak in a blurb about it on my facebook pages.

Thanks again everyone for helping me to reach the 500 goal!


  1. I would love a chance to win your giveaway - I love your jewelry. I am a fan on your blog, I follow your pinterest business page, I am a follower on facebook and I also shared your giveaway on my facebook page. I also think I follow you on twitter, so I qualified 5 times for your giveaway.

  2. Your jewerly is beautiful! I am a fan on your Mimi-Toria's Designs blog, I follow the Mimi-Toria's Designs pinterest business page, I follow Mimi-Toria's Designs on facebook and I also shared your giveaway on my facebook page. I follow you on twitter and I retweeted the giveaway. So I qualified 6 times for your giveaway.

  3. I shared your facebook page, which I am a follower of, and on pinterest too, love your jewelry, you are a very talented lady

  4. following your blog, your twitter, your facebook and your pinterest !
    just love your designs !!

  5. I am a loyal follower...Awesome giveaways! Put my name in the hat! Hope I am the lucky ducky! tiffany

  6. I signed up for your blog.
    I followed you on pinterest.
    I liked your facebook page.
    I shared your contest on my facebook page.
    I shared your contest on my Pinterest.

    WHEEEEEW. Hope I win!!

    1. You did win Diane... I'll be contacting soon.

  7. I love your style! Followed your Pinterest! Liked and shared your Facebook page on my Junk Love and Co page ❤

  8. Thank you ladies. All of your names are in the drawing, pee your comment tallies. Good luck.

  9. Congratulations Gretchen for getting to 500!! Looks like I missed it but I already follow you on facebook. Just found you on twitter and am now following your blog. :)

  10. Congrats on reaching
    your 500 fan mark!
    I'm not on FB as I can
    barely keep up with
    my blog and the rest
    of my life : )

    Hope your "new normal"
    year has been going well.
    So happy that your girl
    is blooming at college!
    Mine is waiting to hear
    from one more school
    and then decision time
    will happen this spring.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    xo Suzanne


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