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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Eight Rules to a Better Life & Giveaway News

Wow, where does the time fly?  It's been 4 weeks since I posted here, and I'm sad to say that is a new record.  Not a good one either.
Where have I been?  Busy... attempting to get some much needed home improvement projects done during some rare sane weather here in Minnesota.  We have talked for about seven years about having our carpets removed and new flooring installed in our main floor of our house, and finally we are proceeding with action and not just talk.  So that's where I've been and what my hands have been into lately.  I promise I will post about it soon, but for today, I just have a little something I'd like to share that I found online.

Eight Rules to a Better Life

1. Never Hate
2. Don't Worry
3. Live Simply
4. Expect a Little
5. Give a Lot
6. Always Smile
7. Live with Love
8. Best of all, Be with God  

*******Exciting giveaway coming to my blog real soon.  Stay tuned for more details to follow.
**********Also, my 300th follower giveway for jewelry will happen after the above giveaway, so please stay tune.

You guys are the awesomest!  Be blessed my friends, and enjoy the warmth outside.


  1. Sounds like you have been busy. Would love to do the same here, but not going to happen.

  2. words to live by. merci for "sharing."

  3. So glad I happened upon your blog! Great rules for life - thanks for sharing!

    cathy b
    pbprojecthope at yahoo dot com

  4. Hi Gretchen
    Hope that you are doing well my friend. Can't wait to see yur giveaway



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