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Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Gift...for Mother's Day

 This piece was a labor of love.  I had 5-6 hours of time in its creation.  Jon's parents are in the focal, layered and layered beneath resin.  A multiple timed process of pouring, waiting hours, waiting days, pouring again, waiting hours, pouring again, waiting days, etc. etc., until it finally was totally encased in resin and now had a nice dome on it.
 This photo shows the full view of all of the elements on this necklace.  Each piece was picked out specifically for a reason for the Mother that was to receive it.
The 5 represents the number of children she has, the music represents her love of music and organ/piano playing for years in church, the buttons represent her sewing skills and her job for years as a seamstress, the crosses and bible represent her faith, the bird and floral connector represent her love of gardening and nature, the kisses and xoxo represented her love of family and families love to her, etc. etc.

This mother has sewn all her life and even worked her entire career as a seamstress, so I incorporated as many vintage buttons as possible into the design of this.  The cross is representative of her Christian faith.
 A mother to 5 children, and a lover of flower gardening were just a few of the elements that were gathered to make up this memory necklace.

This mother is always creating something.  She re purposed junk before it was cool to do so, and has continued to do so her entire life.  Always making and giving of her talents.  The create hand stamped charm was a given that it needed to be somewhere in the design to represent this large facet in her life.

I've worked extra much on this all week, to the neglect that I didn't even get the jewelry made for the give away.  Sorry about that.  Will have to get on that soon.  Stay tuned for real.

Happy Mother's Day everyone!


  1. The necklace is priceless...the thought and time that you put into this piece of art is loving and kind. Happy Mother's Day. Tiffany

  2. Gretchen I am so sorry! :( I can't imagine this beautiful creation that you put so much thought and work in to, not being appreciated. :(
    I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day!(((hugs)))
    Sorry if this is a dup comment as I was typing and my first one disappeared. :O

  3. Bless you Gretchen, sometimes our own mother's or MIL's just don't get it. We appreciate it though, and are glad you shared it with us.


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