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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Golden Charm Necklace & Camera Advice Wanted

A fun necklace I made a few weeks back.  Sorry about the photos, as I've still not repalced my stolen camera yet, and am contemplating what I might buy.  Any camera suggestions are welcome.  Would love to know what you've found to work for your blog.  Please leave a comment and suggestions.  Thanks!
A good friend of mine, Julie, found this cool gold perfume necklace for me to redesign with a few weeks back and I was able to get this necklace created during the last French Flea sale, and it SOLD during that 4 day occasional sale event.  It had a lot of great charms incorporated into it, which I've been saving for a while to put with the right necklace.
The front of the perfume vial had this clock on it.
The back side of the perfume clock face bottle.
I loved this fleur de leis vintage book style locket charm which I purchased online quite a while ago and had been saving this cool piece for the perfect design.  It is actually one of my favorite parts of this necklace.
The coolest little artist palette charm.
A cool two sided pearl charm.
A guardian angel???
Found charm...
Vintage filigree brass bead and vintage element off of a pocket watch fob.
The necklace featuring all of its elements.


  1. The necklace is wonderful. The vintage book charm would be a hard one to let go. Do not know a lot about cameras, but hope you find what you need to take pictures of your great designs....debbie

  2. I'm not a gold lover, but this is just beautiful! I can see why it sold!
    Sorry to hear about your stolen camera. I have a Sony Cibershot...very simple, easy to run.
    Hope you are enjoying your summer!


  3. Gretch, looks like another great piece! I also have a Sony. Love it and it takes great pictures. The only thing with the Sony is the memory card doesn't fit in most computers so you have to use an adapter or attach it with a cord. Otherwise, like Cassie said, it's very simple and easy to run! Great little camera!


  4. so gretchen necklace is wonderful like all your creations ;). camera couple of blogs out there are doing camera tutorials miss musterd seed and funky junk cannt remember which they suggested but worth a look. im blond soo need a blond camera i just cannot read the instructions everytime i shoot a pic. gosh sometimes just getting it to load into jms is an event. good luck colleen

  5. Gorgeous Gretchen...that's terrible about the camera. Got your message about the cake plates...wonderful...thankyou!!!

  6. I have a Sony Alpha. I've been very happy with it. The key thing about camera selection is knowing what you want it to do. I recommend going to an actual camera store (not a department store or electronics store) and having a conversation with someone there. They hire very experienced photographers who can help find a camera that fits your needs perfectly.


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