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Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas at our House

This blog post will show a few of the decorated areas in our home.  We have taken a spur of the moment family vacation to Ft. Myers Beach, Florida, but we did get to enjoy the decor before our trip and will also get to enjoy it for a while afterwards.  As you will notice I tend to use ivory, whites, silver, taupe and aqua in my Christmas decor.  A bit of a non traditionalist when it comes to color for the holidays, but it is what I like.
Our Christmas tree is homemade by me.  I used a vintage drapery pole and kept the finial on the top of it for its tip.  I close-up of the fabulous tree stand is the following photo.  I just love the rustiness of it.

Some of the ornaments I love to use will be in the following photos.


  1. Gretchen, your house looks beautiful. Too bad you were spending your Christmas in Florida! Welcome back to Minnesota. Did you miss the cold and snow? LOL!


  2. hey gretchen! i love your tree! as you mentioned what you were doing i had to come and check it out! i hope your holidays spent in florida were wonderful! i am going to send a picture of the collage from my mantle your way as well! welcome back to the cold cold north! :)


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