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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fall is in the Air

Fall is definitely in the air, in Minnesota. The days are brisk, sunny and the leaves are falling fast. Not too much more time to decorate with these wonderful pumpkins, squash and gourds, so thought I'd best blog about them before they turn to mush from a hard freeze. These photos are all of our front porch, which is what will greet you when one arrives at our home.

Julie, of the French Flea, made the fabulous Fall flower pot (2 photos above) and my friend, Carolyn gifted it to me. Love it! I leave it up year round and just rotate it for the rest of the season to its back. It just so happens to be perfect for our front porch. The wonderful birds nest was gifted to me by my husband, Jon, as he found it on the ground while mowing one day. The hops were gifted to me by my friend, Robyn, also at the French Flea. The fabulous white chippy table was a $5 find from about 7-10 years ago at an indoor Flea Market setting. The little pumpkins were purchased at the pumpkin farm I recently blogged about as, are all of the rest of the real produce included in this post.

Love the stacked produce here. Easy to do, as I used a flower pot that was already in this location and just stacked them on top of each other, largest on the bottom to smallest on top. A fun thing to do.

I grabbed this little rusty three legged holder for .50 at a tag sale and thought it was perfect for a pumpkin riser. I found this white pumpkin at a barn sale, but otherwise the rest are from the pumpkin farm I've made reference to.
A mix of found treasures is brightened up with the addition of the etched "give thanks" pumpkin. This lower tier of a table on our porch is a mix of rusty metals, old bird houses and found branches with moss growing on them.

This metal stand once held tacky pottery that has long since been broken and was gifted to me by my mil. I plant flowers in it during the summer months and thought why not display some pumpkins come Fall.

I believe Sue Whitney may have created this beautiful rusty art above, with old screen, tin cut out hearts, rusty keys and wire. I bought it at her summer garage sale and knew it would be perfect on this vintage bird cage I had on our porch. Dried hops again are from Robyn.

I have a mix of old framed white/ivory mirrors on our front porch wall and added in this tin tile I recently purchased at Junk Bonanza. The fellow that makes them said it came from out East and it had a wonderful green patina paint underneath that was exactly like our house paint, so snapped it up for the porch.

I just recently purchased the two Adirondack chairs and foot rests for our porch, as I had some cool furniture there before, but it wasn't comfortable. Sold the Jenny Lind style bench and replaced it with these more comfortable chairs. The wreath I'm afraid hasn't been brought down to the new chair level and is still where it was fitting for the bench, so please excuse. I'm not one to be anxious to put too many holes in our siding, so haven't moved it yet until I know for sure how I'm going to keep things.

A view of the area to the left of our front door. I'm afraid my time with the pumpkins is coming to an end soon, but hopefully because they are all on or around our front porch they may be more protected and last a bit longer before the killing frost does them in for the year. Just a wanted to share a quick peak at some quickie Fall decorating.


  1. Your porch looks yummy! I just love fall. Only problem is, there's a possibility of SNOW tomorrow...Oh my...I'm not ready for that...again...it did snow once already! Take care,

  2. Fun to see pics of your outdoor decorating! Love all your fall produce!

  3. Gretchen
    Your fall decorating looks wonderful.
    Man alive that kiwi green shows up good
    in photos. What a wonderful friend to give you the wonderful Fall pot LOL.
    Really good photography and
    displaying technics. Your as good as Julie
    P. Now that is quite a compliment.

  4. Thanks gals! The produce came from a local pumpkin/produce farm that I featured in one of my blog posts in September. A very cool find and a treasure I love sharing about. Its near where you all stayed a few weeks back, so would of been a cool place for you to check out. Next time if you come in the Fall we should go there.


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