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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Vintage Redesigns - August

Chunky Vintage Necklace
Design #103

This is one of those designs that just flowed together from the start. It began with this wonderful chunky chain. The vintage pocket watch piece has been treated with an accent product which was featured in my last post and is the glossy accent product to give it the feel of a glass cover. The vintage rusty keys coordinate beautifully with the vintage time piece. The story I could tell about harvesting this vintage cash register #02 is a blog in and of itself. Just put it this way, patience, perseverance, a very good friend with a generous husbands trusty workshop along with their help is how this register # came to be available to use in this design. The addition of the two foreign coins in the brown tones, really pulls this design all together.

Wonderful vintage pocket watch used for the focal.

Two lovely rusty vintage skeleton keys added to the one side. Treated with a product to keep the rust from coming off onto your clothes.

Fabulous .02 vintage cash register tag.

1954 foreign coin with stag.

Love the foreign coin with the bird on it.

Opulence Necklace
Design #104
$59 / SOLD

This is a stunning and impact kind of necklace. The lovely vintage belt buckle is brass toned with some silver/black showing through with vintage rhinestones set into it. There are five strands of chain that make up this piece. Two of them are baroque vintage glass pearls and three are of a gold ornate style of chain. Lovely focal front clasp attaches the belt buckle to the chain portion of the necklace.
Focal detail of the vintage belt buckle.

The five strands of chain portion. The baroque pearls are a warm ivory color and have a few areas of chippiness on a few of them which just add to its patina.

These photos do not do this necklace justice. It is quite stunning in person.

Floral Locket
Design #105

I have been hoarding this wonderful vintage enamel locket for years, and have finally forced myself to use it in a design. I just love how it has such a pretty painting on it.

The locket is vintage and quite old. There is room for pictures inside. I've paired it with black wire and 3 vintage green/clear glass beads to connect it to the pearl chain portion of this design.

Pearl chain is vintage and thus shows the patina of a vintage pearl chain. Again, this just gives a wonderful authentic vintage look to this design.

A hand wire wrapped clasp has been added to this design.

The entire necklace design.

Brass Tag 200/500 Necklace
Design #106
$39 (SOLD - JB)

I found a small stash of these wonderful brass tags, and have decided to make a few JUNK style necklaces with them. This first one has a silver/gold combination which seems to be quite popular right now. The chain is silver tone in color. There is a brass oval tag with the number 200/500 which has been layered with a gold colored "N" with a crown. The silver portion of the design has a tassel with a rhinestone ball, a Fleur d leis and a drop with vintage clear glass crystals and a rhinestone roundel.

Oval brass tag.

"N" insignia with crown.

Silver cluster.

Entire necklace.

Brass Tag #180/500 Necklace Design #107 $39

Brass tag, vintage skeleton key, red/brass enamel vintage button with monopoly game piece car. We're you ever the one that always had to have the car when you played monopoly? Then this is a necklace for you.
Vintage button

Monopoly car game piece.

Chain has these sections of heart cut out connectors in it.

Entire necklace.

Brass Tag #189/500 Necklace
Design #108
$39 (SOLD)

Brass tag, brass star, vintage rhinestone element, vintage key, Sterling Silver Fleur d leis charm and vintage clear crystal with rhinestone roundel charm.

Key, Fleur d leis and charm drop.

Vintage rhinestone element.

Silver tone chain has rhinestone balls set into the chain.

Aqua/Silver Rhinestone Necklace
Design #109
$54 (SOLD - FF)

This fabulous vintage clear and aqua rhinestone focal element is truly amazing. I fell in love with the moment I saw in an antique store locked case. It is truly a unique piece.

A vintage religous medal is used in this portion of the necklace along with vintage aqua Czech glass and this vintage Swarovski AB Aqua bead droop.

The two strand necklace lays just perfect and really makes a statement.

This photo illustrates the way it lays and how the two strands look when wearing. I just love how the grey tone of the chain goes so nicely with the metal on the vintage rhinestone focal piece. A truly one of a kind design.


  1. Gretchen! These are fabulously yummy!!


  2. Awesome as usual!

    I especially love the use of the Monopoly car and also that foreign coin with the bird on it---really cool!

    Keep the pictures coming!!!

  3. Wow, Gretchen, that's a lot of beautiful necklaces. I especially like the pocket watch one, which reminds me that I was going to do something with my pocket watch...

  4. Oh, I can't choose which is my favorite!! I love them all - Do you ever make chokers? I am a huge choker fan and would love to have one of your pieces. I can't decide if it it the old watches, or metal tags, or crystal with photos, or jewels, or beads that I Iike best - I love them all - when you are making one - please email me a comment on my blog and let me know. My price range would be $35-$50. EVERY time I stop by your blog I always tell myself, "I HAVE to get one..." and I always zip away to do my work and never make it back but this time I thought if I wrote you and told you that I wear mainly chokers, then if you email me when you have one, I will finally treat myself to one :-)

    Thanks for sharing your work!

  5. Gretchen...I love them all! The clock...Monopoly car...numbers...crystals...so cool!! Hope summer is going well...our countdown is making me nervous...lots to do as I'm sure you can relate. Later, Andrea

  6. Thank you ladies for your feedback. It is always fun for a designer to get feedback good or bad, but honestly it is so rewarding when you hit on some inspiration that really makes people excited. Thanks for your followings. I appreciate each one of you.
    Junk Girl, I've not forgotten your custom order either. Just still letting it all come together in my head like it did for Lynette's finally. Can't wait to see what you think of her custom necklace.

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