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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Jewelry Designs For Sale - June 2009 - Part 3

While you are reading this, I will be out of town. I have posted this on a delay time posting. I am going to our cabin for Friday/Saturday and than on Saturday evening through Tuesday I will spending time up with my Dad. Emily is going with and she will get the chance to spend time with some of her 1st and 2nd cousins up in Upsala, Minnesota, where I grew up. My Dad's wife is going to be in Ohio for two weeks with her family and since my Dad is 86 and I don't get to see them alot, I offered to go up and spend several days with him while Ginny is out of town.

I will bringing my jewelry design elements with me, so it will be a working get away which most of my get aways usually are. I almost always have a stash of jewlery work with me, wherever and whenever I travel. It's usually on my mind.

This post is a mix of designs that are for sale and some sold recently at "The French Flea" shop in Anoka. Its a great shop I'm privileged in being a part of, so if you have the chance please come and visit it. For purchasing either contact me at gretchen.schaumann@comcast.net or if these don't sell they will be available in July at "The French Flea" sale.
Design 1

I just love this necklace. It would be a great addition to anyone's jewelry stash, but especially fun to wear during the upcoming holiday (4th of July celebrations). I'm not into the holiday clothing apparel yet, but this would be fun to wear with a plain colored shirt.
Love the silver tone of this piece too. The chain is a vintage nice heavy chain. The focal portion starts out with this wonderful Liberty lightweight coin. I've added a found element crown over the existing crown to add some dimension to the piece. From the back their is a menagarie of beautiful dangles in red/white and blue.

Close-up of the Liberty medallion (light weight) as well as the embellishment of the crown piece.

This photo allows you to see each of the seperate charms that flow

down to make the great mixture of elements that create this piece.

Design 2

The focal on this piece is a gorgeous vintage floral piece. I have paired it with 3 large semi precious faceted round blue quartz beads. One of these blue quartz beads set off the large focal and connect it to a vintage gold rhinestone roundelle bead that is what the chain is attached to.

Center portion showing how the chain connects
to the rhinestone roundelle and the blue quartz.

This photo shows the chain portion of the necklace with the pearls and blue quartz beads.

It is a very long necklace style, so could be layered with other necklaces or worn plain.
This photos shows the chain portion of the design.

Design 3

This silvertone medallion style necklace is more simple than most. One needs to keep lots of styles in mind while designing, as everyone likes different things.

This necklace is a mix of silver tone and also has a thin chain of gold tone and an
Eiffel tower in gold tone. The focal medallion shield and tassel are silver tone.

Design 4

Entire necklace shown here is not my typical style of designs, but being from Minnesota, there is definetly a calling for outdoorsy type of jewelry. There are a lot of women that fish and hunt in this great state, so this design is a tribute to those that do.

Close-up of the fish themed necklace.
It is gold tone with verdigris accents as well as black.

Very nice heavy vintage chain is used in this

design with black vintage bead accents.

Design 5
Lots of charm drops fall from the circle focal to create this lovely piece.

Love the cowboy hat and rhinestone accents on it.

Double strands of chain with pearls inset create the chain on this piece.

Design 6

(SOLD - Custom)

A Swedish chandelier crystal with words on the back show forth magnified.
The wording (pre cious, sentimental, priceless, price less, invaluable).


The chain in this piece was sterling silver with white
round reshwater pearls and vintage faceted squarish crystals.

Design 7

This gold tone necklace was really cool.

All of these vintage elements including the brass key, brown bead, vintage white floral piece and button along with the found gold tone elements such as the filigree floral heart, Fleur de lis, and large oval connector truly make this a one-of-a-kind piece that is so netural it could be worn againa, and again and again.

This portion of the focal is almost all vintage elements.

The bottom portion of the focal.

Unique closure of this neckalce consists of hand wire wrapped hook and connectors
as well as a mother of pearl circle and a cute mirror style drop off of the closure.

Design 8

Love the mixture of silver tone with black on this piece.
A vintage book charm with a shell cameo is the focal of this piece.
A mixture of vintage white, crystal and milky glass beads make this design special.

This design chain was assymetrical. One side had the silver tone thick chain and the other had a mixture of vintage beads wire wrapped into it.

Clasp on this design.


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  2. hello, gretchen:) i am so late in getting back to you...you had left such a nice message on my blog. thank you. you also were wondering about vintage watch faces, and i wanted to tell you that i found mine on etsy. i have never really come across these in my junking ventures, but if i ever stumble across a large cache of these, i will purchase them and share with you! your work is just lovely...

    warm regards,

  3. All this accessories are one kind of unique pieces, which looks beautiful. Great hard work on this jewelry. Lovely pieces.
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