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Monday, April 27, 2009

"The French Flea" Part 3

"The French Flea" is the new shop I'm selling my jewelry and miscellaneous items in starting this Friday the 1st of May. It has been a very fun and exciting process leading up to it, but I'm tired, and now just hoping all that time is well worth it and the shop is well received in the Anoka area. This will be the last preview I post before the doors open on May 1st. I will plan to do updates and reminders ahead of the sale dates, so if you want to keep in touch with what is happening with this great new shop, you can check my blog for future updates.
I've started this blog post with some photos of my jewelry area. Julie and her husband, graciously added the French doors on either side as well as the screen door on top, to build an area for my jewelry to stay permanently. I am so grateful for Julie and Terri to allow this to be a permanent location. That will be a huge time saver for me.

Mimi-Toria's Jewelry
I've used two 2' x 6' tables set in an L shape to form my area. I had made slip covered black table clothes for each of these tables years ago, and also made leg extensions so that the tables are at a higher height for shopping purposes. I then bought burlap and draped it over the boxes and elevated items I chose for creating different levels of display areas.

I only have a wall on the back of my area, and currently just have one large vintage wood frame that I've covered with burlap as well, and have my vintage redesign necklaces displayed in it.

This photo shows the right side of the area, which has the extra table coming out the end and side. I've chosen colors that are more in keeping with the French feel for my displays.

This is a long vintage peely grey painted shutter that I purchased for display at the shop. I added my business name "Mimi-Toria's" to the top in white wood square tiles and added a silver
small oval sign that says "choose with no regret".

A cool vintage dish for sale with vintage white buttons is used to display some jewelry items.

I love this vintage ornate rust and chippy aqua bathtub claw foot that I'm using to display this wonderful matching vintage redesign necklace and earrings.

Some more new, fun and funky jewels.

This is a great vintage oval frame, but was quite ugly before. I spray painted it with a platinum color to display earrings in it and it is much better. Earrings are mostly $16-$18.

A cool vintage oval frame is added to my display and has some information on it about my business. The pendant in the lower right has some beautiful abalone shell detailing on it.

Pearls and coral. What a great color combination and so Springy feeling.

My burlap and vintage wood frame necklace display.

I have two old great suitcases that I've chosen to use for my display area. Here the coral colored jewelry is hi-lited on a piece of burlap. Note the cool second bathtub claw foot that I'm using for display. Also there is a great broken tile that I'm using for display. I just really love to use found items and junk to display with. It has a time worn feeling of bygone days, which is what I'm looking for in my overall displays.
The Rest of the Shop
Terri, Robin, Julie and Gretchen included in this photo. Terri and Julie are the inspiration people of this whole new venture. They're doing an awesome job. Come see for yourself.

A view looking in from the front of the shop.

Incredible what a pop of color can add to the overall scheme of things.

Looking in from the front of the shop again towards the left side.

We have a wonderful bank of windows all across the front of the store along the sidewalk. This area is looking towards the windows in the front left corner as you look outside.

I adore this cool chair Julie has for sale. Love it!

This area is next to my jewelry display area towards the front of the store.

Lovely white desk and chair. To the right is my jewelry area and the French door dividing area.

Many of you know Lani, and this is one of her wonderful treasures she has for sale in the shop. She finds the coolest things. Love this piece.

Some of my laboratory bottles that are for sale in the shop and are displayed above in the photo of Lani's cool cupboard.

This plaster architectural piece was from a hotel in Duluth, Minnesota. It is very cool and one more of my miscellaneous items I'm selling at the shop.

That will be all for now, and the rest you'll just have to come on out to Anoka and see yourself. The dates again will be May 1st and 2nd. Then again May 13th from 4-7 pm and May 14-17.


  1. Thanks for the sneak peek, it was so much fun window shopping.

  2. It looks wonderful! Love the use of burlap!! That architectural piece is amazing...I wonder which hotel it was from...probably an old downtown location. It's stunning!

  3. Gretchen, you ladies have done an awesome job on the transformation and filling the store!! Beautiful displays, vignettes....I am so excited for you........I oh so hope there is a big turnout for the grand opening weekend!!!!!

  4. Your display looks fantastic! Hope your sales go very well and that you have a good turnout.

  5. Gretchen, how exciting. Your jewelry display is fabulous...I love those old clawfoot pieces - great idea! It looks like it's all coming together nicely - the whole store looks great. Wishing you all HUGE success!

  6. I love it Gretchen!!! And I LOVE LOVE the old brick wall in the court yard!!!! What are yall going to do with that area?? The photo of it with the women looks like it was taken in Europe, if i didn't know better! Your display is wonderful and it looks like fun! I always told myself that if I ever open another brick and mortar store it wouldn't be a standard hours store. Your kitchen make-over sounds great (your comment you left on my blog). Thanks for sharing - and I love the outside of your building!! You will have such a great time with this!!! I am very excited for you in case you can't tell with all of my exclamation marks!!!!!! :-)


  7. Oooooo! Everything looks so fabulous! I wish I could come!

    Gretchen, your displays are great! Love the old suitcase & especially the claw feet---those are awesome! You better be busy making jewelry because you are going to sell out right away!!!

    The rest of the shop is cool, too! Love the chair with the leopard print seat! Funky!!!

    Thanks for sharing the pictures & keep 'em coming for those of us who live too far away to come shopping! Have a great opening!!!

  8. Best of luck to you and all the other vendors! Everything looks spectacular!

  9. WOW!! Have you ever been busy Gretchen. Your jewelry and displays look absolutely amazing and the entire store looks full of treasures. I am so excited for you as you take on this new venture and know you guys will be wildly successful (and have lots of fun doing it)!!!!


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