Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Jewlery Trunk Show - 1 day only - Saturday, Nov. 6th

Won't you join me...
as I introduce
a new line of
"The Loft".

Mimi-Toria's Jewelry

will be
Trunk Show
"The Loft"
2005 2nd Ave.
Anoka, MN
November 6th
My take on Steampunk is shown through some of these jewelry design examples.  It is deconstructing items that were previously used for a different purpose, and recreating something from it that is once again useful and beautiful.  All of the elements I'm using were found elements in their deconstructed state, and I than design them into jewelry that once again will be worn and loved by you my customers.
A side note about these designs is that I spent 2 1/2 days at my cabin in solitude assembling these focals for the Steampunk Line.  After that, I than could began to create the jewelry designs.  Some are on simple chains, and others are quite elaborate.  I try to please everyone, and have a design that entices each one of your tastes.
I search far and near for unique items that may be turned into jewelry.  I scrounge antique shops, flea markets, occasional sale events, farm auctions, garage sales, ebay, etsy, junk shops, thrift stores, bead shops, and often my basement for my cache' of treasures. 
 I also have a great group of people that are pickers for me as well, and am very grateful to each one of them for what they find for me to purchase from them.  They hunt, they gather, and they than sell.  I also have a small group of special friends that gift me with treasures when they find things they know I can use and will love to design with, and what joy they provide when this happens. 
I love adding bits and pieces of sari silk to my creations and you will notice that the flying bird or as some call it the sparrow is a Trademark of Mimi-Toria's designs and often used in my pieces as accents.
An example of one of the more elaborate, detailed and ultra time consuming designs.
Did you know that birds mean "freedom"?  Maybe, that is why I love them so.  For me, Jesus gives me what I consider freedom.  What makes you free?
I'll have lots more offered at the Trunk Sale on Saturday, so come on down and check it out.  The owner of "the Loft", Julie, is also celebrating her Grand Opening on Saturday, so it will be extra fun with goodies and special things going on too.

***Check back tomorrow night, as I'll be adding another blog post after I get home from my pesky day job, and that post will feature a new line of my vintage more elegant redesign pieces.


  1. Loved seeing your pretty creations! I hope you do great at the show and sell it all.
    Good Luck.

  2. Your work is just beautiful...hope you do well at the show! I'm sending someone over to your blog


  3. Hi Gretchen! LOVE your steampunk line! Very artistic combos! Hope the trunk show is a huge success!
    Take Care!


  4. Just gorgeous, Gretchen! Wish I could be there - best of luck and hope you sell out!


  5. Thanks ladies for your well wishes. As you all know preparing for any type of an event is a huge amount of work, so I'm praying and hoping that it all pays off. :)
    Thanks for your support and comments.


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