Thursday, November 4, 2010

Saturday - Trunk Show - at "The Loft"


The Blue's Duet Necklaces
Necklace #1 of the Duet
(Available at "The Loft" through Sunday)

Last public show of the season...
Trunk Sale
this Saturday
November 6th
10-5 p.m.
Anoka, MN
In the previous blog post you will notice a variety of "Steampunk" styled jewelry.  This was a special request via Julie, the owner of "The Loft", so I tried my hand at my version of the look.  What do you think?  Do you like it?  Is it too rough or industrial for your tastes?  Input appreciated through your comments is greatly needed.
So the previous three photos showcase the same piece of jewelry.  The different views of it should give you a great feel for the look it has.  I adore this piece, and am tempted to keep it in my private collection, but alas I can't keep everything I love.  The uniquiness of this piece is how elegant it is with a littel black dress, how it could easily be a bride's necklace for her wedding (something old), and how cool this would also look with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.  This is a converstation garnering piece for sure, but isn't over the top and gaugy like many convo pieces tend to be.
 Necklace #2 of the Duet
This gorgeous focal on this necklace is a vintage pave' set stone piece and is a fabulous find.  It is accented with a piece of gorgeous pale blue silk ribbon, a baroque faux glass pearl, vintage rhinestone rondelle, and a vintage moonstone glass bead.
This photo shows how well this vintage focal pulls together the rest of the necklace design. I've used pale blues, silver and grey to create the look of a calm summer sky.

A gorgeous religious charm dipicates Jesus carrying His cross, pale blue silk ribbon, and a floral attachement.
Here is necklace #2 shown on my dress form, so that you can have a visual of its total length.
 The Blue's Duet together on the dress form.

 Love, love, love this locket necklace...
a mix of metals was used.
 A silver locket with some copper accents...

Optical Lense Jewelry...
Vintage optical lenses are a fascinating object to work with and I've incorporated a number of them in my designs and have sold them with great success.  I have a limited supply of lenses...
 A full view of this "artistry" optical lense necklace.
(Available at "the Loft")

Lots of Details...
Steampunk Style
 The blues focal...
(Available at "The Loft")
This necklace is filled with wonderful detailing, and mostly continues the theme with the blues, silvers and greys.  There is a gorgeous small detailed rhinestone train piece incorporated up one side of the chain, as well as a vintage key, religious medal, vintage mix of glass beads, mother of pearl items and lots of fun detailing.  A very one of a kind piece, you just won't find any place else.
 The bronze delite focal...
Gorgeous browns, bronze, with gold sparrow, vintage religious medal connector, and 2 very fun mens underwear buttons, are the creative items that make up this focal.
A lot of charms dangle off of this piece.  Many unique details such as filigree Eiffel tower, detailed Sterling Silver heart charm, vintage cross, Sterling Silver fleur d leis, rhinestone rondelles, vintage beads, brown and green silk ribbons tied on and woven through this piece.  SOLD
In addition to the above mentioned items, you will find a square vintage mother of pearl button incorporated into this piece, a green velvet rose, a vintage key and a whole lot of fun embellishments. SOLD
A teeny tiny birds nest, with 1 egg has been added to this piece up near the neckline as a charm dangle.  The bird is on the focal piece...
 A few more gorgeous details...such as this vintage religious medal.
Believe necklace... SOLD
This is one unique and very cool necklace.  It is two-sided with two totally different looks.  The first is the Steampunk side which a vintage pearl flower, vintage watch face, "believe" tag, and a silverplate crown.
 The second side is this gorgeous vintage religious medal with its own story.  SOLD

A longer length for wearing all year long.


  1. Love them all! :D
    I started a necklace in the "steampunk" style some time ago, but never finished and took it apart. I either did not have the right pieces to work with, or I am not creative enough. :D

  2. Beautiful treasures! I really love the Blue's Duet Necklaces....Gorgeous.


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