Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Believer Necklace...

A personal story
 of a design
This necklace is titled "believer necklace".  It was created with an array of religious elements and with some Steampunk inspiration.  It is SOLD, and the new owner has texted me that it is her new favorite.  What joy that gives to me.
I just love working with these vintage religious charms, and chose to use the backs of many of them for their meanings, ornate detailing and or to keep things unique.
 A totally different mix of religious charms, but yet while designing I kept the balance from the right to left side equal.  A difficult task, but well worth the time to design it this way.
The addition of the heavenly palest of pink silk ribbon tied to the top of this focal, the vintage jewels (actual rubies in the jeweled pocket watch workings) which represent Jesus blood shed for us, the white vintage mother of pearl shell button represents the purity one has in Jesus, and Jesus with his open arms and holes in his feet and hands represents the ultimate sacrafice he made for those of us that have chosen and choose Him in our future.  What a gift!
Do you believe?


  1. What a beautiful necklace!
    Yes - I believe. :)

  2. Yes, I believe! I see exactly why it is the new owner's favorite piece! Your combination tells a beautiful truth, and now one that she can wear that will definitely be a conversation/witnessing opportunity.

    Great job, Gretchen! Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving. God bless you!

  3. Love that necklace! Work of art!

  4. What a great piece, and such a witnessing tool. I have a new line of faith necklaces this year too and have been please with the response. It's amazing to me how God uses our talents to reach others for Him.


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