Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Change of Plans...

Meet me at
"The Loft"...
of this week only...
Mimi-Toria's Jewelry
will be
for sale at
occsional sale.
Jewelry Display Area at "The Loft"
After last Saturday when we closed the Trunk Sale at "the Loft" on 2nd Ave. in Anoka, we decided to keep my jewelry for sale there, through this weeks occasional sale shopping days. If you couldn't make it out for the one day event, you will have a few more days to get in on the fun.  It is a lot of work to set up for each show, and this was no exception, so to maximize the exposure Julie extended a proposition I just couldn't turn down.  Thanks goes to Julie for this opportunity...
 Same space as the above photo before I go things arranged.
 Mimi-Toria's area after lots of set up time...before shot is below.
New Displays...
Julie's shop has a modern/industrial/eclectic vibe to it, so to fit in with her style I decided to accumulate some unique industrial style displays.  This is an original Mimi-Toria's Design idea for displaying some of my jewelry...  A trunk show it was, so a tool chest trunk of sorts is what I came up with to display off of.  I love the industrial look and touches that the new pieces add into my otherwards European Romantic Style that I prefer to display with. Thank you to Jan Berg for supplying the perfect industrial touches I was craving.
Here the lid of the tool chest became my display piece. 
Stay tuned for an upcoming tutorial on the how tos.

My newest line of jewelry called "Steampunk Inspiration" was a big hit at the Trunk Show, but I have some great pieces still available.  I also recently introduced two other lines of jewelry that have unique and fun finds in their creations.  Come and see them a bit closer at the shop.
A nice amount of display opportunities which was perfect for these three new lines of jewelry to be displayed together.
A trademark "Mimi-Toria's Designs" pocket watch face necklace with bird in flight piece has a bit of bling on it...  Love the bling on my personal piece and have received a lot of compliments on it, so tried it out on one for sale.

"Steampunk Inspiration"
Junk Inspire Necklace
full view
 Cash tag, key & hand stamped JUNK elements add to the fun in this piece.  (SOLD)
 Another shot of this assymetrical Steampunk Inspired piece...  (SOLD)
Very fun details make up this focal...  A gorgeous peachy toned jewelry element, inspire, Eiffel tower charm, vintage ribbon and a pocket watch mechanism.  (SOLD)
 Love Necklace...

 Lush Layers with Bird in Flight...
 Bird in Flight detailing...
Layers with Key Hole Hardware, vintage rusty key, Paris Eifel Tower charm, vintage bead, vintage cash tag, vintage bling with lots of layers of chain.  (SOLD) 
 Golden brown with lots of bling...
Gorgeous vintage locket with silk ribbon and vintage bling.
Hope to see you at "the Loft".


  1. Would love to be there - but I am a little far away. :-D Hope you sell it all.
    Enjoy your evening.

  2. Gretchen, it all looks SO yummy! Loving the extra bling on the watch face...best wishes...hugs to you!


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